Mastering the Moment to Moment

There are five predominant energetic coping mechanisms that are at play in both the seen and unseen worlds. They are patterns that operate within us, not only in times of stress but as habitual unconscious modes of living.

As we wake up more and more through work with awareness, our consciousness can be developed and we see more about ourselves. This includes the recognition of such patterns at play.

These limiting energetic coping mechanisms have a way of manifesting in the world as non-action and self-sabotage, but they are also operating in the unseen world of energy.

This course is designed to develop skills for recognizing these energetic types within ourselves and others.

Each week we will focus on one manifestation of each energy expression to help understand its nuances. There is so much going on beyond body language, speech or tone of voice that we can pick up on and know more about when in an interaction with another person or a life experience. We can come away feeling drained, shut down, unheard or overwhelmed.

By understanding the language of energy you can become adept at shifting the interaction in the moment.

We teach a lot about energetic edge and boundary in our groups and this course gives you the foundation for those practices.


You will develop a way to notice more in yourself and the people around you which translates to clearer communication, connectedness, boundaries, and more.

Each week you’ll receive:

Video and written descriptions of an energetic type

Signs to recognize types within yourself and others

Exercises to use when encountering that type

How to use your five senses and beyond

Ways to discover your predominant energy type

How to recognize your secondary fallback mechanism

Are you ready to explore your energy?