Ancient Technologies for Spiritual Transformation


In this 8-week long course, we will learn to question reality and verify our experience through the art of Self-Observation. 

By working with advanced awareness techniques, we will develop an observer that is able to stay with negative states and understand them from a new perspective.

Learning self-observation is not about changing who we are, but integrating and accepting the many facets of our being. It’s in this witnessing and acceptance that we take our lives to the next level.

Drawing from foundational practices of Presence, we will work with a new theme, lesson, and awareness technique each week.

The 8 weeks then provide a better picture of how transformation and growth work through this very specific way of observing. Once we are able to see through this new lens, a momentum of refined energy comes into play to allow us to see more. These skills then provide the way forward for years to come to attain a level of self-understanding, an ability to truly connect with others and to be of service in the world. 

“Practical Awareness has empowered me to lean into my discomfort, be curious, vulnerable, and compassionate with myself as I observe the limiting patterns that have been holding me back from living more fully and authentically.”

- Michele Trump, Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

“My shift from taking this course is around greater and greater capacity for self-observation and in the observing layers of crust are falling away. I have a better sense of what the mechanical self is.”

- Rebecca Parker, Spiritual Advisor & Group Facilitator

Our approach is not passive. You will learn how to recognize patterns, defense mechanisms and attachment to beliefs as they appear in the moment. To see it in this way is to dismantle it. Growth is then measured not by the amount of time we spend on the meditation cushion but how we usher and integrate these presence techniques into our daily lives.

We believe the group experience is a powerful catalyst for growth and our students’ results have been no less than extraordinary.




There is a weekly local and/or online group meeting. These gatherings give us the opportunity to authentically connect, ask questions, share our observations and verify the concepts that are being taught through our own experience.

  • Each week we will work with a different theme
  • Master advanced awareness techniques
  • 8 Modules will include video and PowerPoint
  • Live weekly 1.5-hour online group gatherings
  • Become the architect of your destiny
  • Acquire the tools to deal with any challenge in the moment
  • Email support throughout the length of the journey
  • Learn how to embrace every part of your being
  • Learn through presence what self-acceptance is
  • Online group forum to verify the ideas through experience
  • Access to awareness school online community
  • Member discount to all courses and retreats

Practical Awareness is our signature program in Self-Observation. This course can be taken in our studio in Seattle or online from anywhere in the world.

When embarking on any of our courses or events you will become a lifelong Awareness School Member. This includes discounts on all upcoming courses, workshops, and retreats. Plus an invitation to an ongoing group class.



Lead Teacher


Lead Teacher


Section Teacher

Graduate of Practical Awareness & Wisdom Circle; Member Since 2016


Assistant Teacher

Graduate of Practical Awareness & Wisdom Circle; Member Since 2015

“While the group work was challenging in what it brought to bear in my deeper understanding of self, I found that each class was perfectly structured to allow me to move through a process of self-illumination that I continue to use regularly for my own spiritual growth and in my interpersonal relationships.”

- Nikki Roberg

“Prior to signing up, I felt lost; my intuitive connection felt clogged and far away. Now, my internal and external lenses are so much clearer and I am able to stay centered with greater ease.”

- Heidi Palmer, energy healer and intuitive

Are you ready to become the architect of your destiny?


One Payment of $699 or Three Payments of $245

Live classes are held Thursdays at 7:30 PM PACIFIC or Fridays at 9:00 AM PACIFIC via Zoom


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