Practical Awareness:

A 10-week program to establish the power of presence in your life

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Most of us struggle with feeling like who we are and how we live are not in sync. Our day-to-day is fraught with worry, anxiety, distraction, and a general feeling of uneasiness.

hat can we do about it?

  • Access greater presence and peace so that our divine essence resonates throughout our every action.

  • Allow presence to help notice the incessant chatter and unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and patterns in ways we couldn’t see before. 

  • Learn to observe it in a present moment thus making room for choice rather than reaction.

With choice, we strengthen our true essence.

Introducing: The Practical Awareness Course

where we teach the foundational tools for practicing presence,
meditation and the art of self-observation.  

“I learned that my body is a vehicle for Presence. If you are looking to know yourself more clearly and objectively, this course will greatly contribute to that personal evolution."
~ Tommie B.

In this 10-week live program you'll learn:

  • How to develop an inner witness that can see conditioned patterns in the present moment
  • How to access presence through sensation in your body
  • How to bring awareness to your unconscious behaviors through specific presence techniques
  • How to develop a meditation practice that is both practical and impactful
  • How to attain more personal freedom 

These are ancient spiritual practices of awareness drawing from Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Sufism, and taught through the transformational ideas of the Fourth Way. The teaching is deep and substantive and we teach you how to apply it to your daily life in a way that is applied and practical. 

"While the group work was challenging in what it brought to bear in my deeper understanding of self, I found that each class was perfectly structured to allow me to move through a process of self-illumination that I continue to use regularly for my own spiritual growth and in my interpersonal relationships."

~Nikki R.

What does personal freedom look like?

  • Less attachment to the ideas we have about ourselves thus less negative emotion
  • Having actual choice instead of reaction
  • More life satisfaction
  • Having an open heart so you can experience more love, understanding and empathy
  • Deeper connections
  • Fulfilling your destiny instead of being a victim of your fate

Rather than “fixing” ourselves, this course teaches you how to accept what arises within you and witness what is happening in the present moment. 

This is the only way to lasting change.

What this course is NOT:

❌ A quick-fix formula for healing.

Rather, we teach you how to witness and accept what arises, which paves the way for true transformation.

❌ Group therapy

✅ We do not diagnose or analyze the past. We teach you how to observe in the present moment which can unlock a different way of being.

❌ Reprogramming

 ✅ We don’t aim to substitute habitual conditioned behavior with a different kind of habitual behavior. This is more about acceptance of what is.

This course has been taught to hundreds of students. Here are just some of their experiences:


"I found that I was looking for my authentic voice and the truth of me"


Here is what the 10 weeks include:

Weekly Lessons

videos and homework assignments through a private online portal

Weekly Live Teaching Sessions

hosted on Zoom (Wednesdays 5:30-7pm PST) OR In-person (Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm in Seattle) where we review the week’s lesson and meditate together. Students then share self-observations with the guidance of our teaching team

Private Online Forum

with your fellow students to share your experiences and get support between meetings

An Invitation

to deepen your practice upon graduating through The Awareness School memberships and retreats in the San Juan Islands, Washington.


 "The Practical Awareness class has provided me tools for living a more joyful, purposeful and calm life. I can now handle with ease situations that used to be very difficult.”

Beth M.

Meet Your Teaching Team

Molly Knight Forde
Master Teacher

Founder of The Awareness School

20+ years experience in meditation and teaching, master sound healer

Sean Forde
Master Teacher

Co-Founder of The Awareness School

20+ years experience in meditation and teaching

Barbara VanEss
Level 3 Teacher

Barbara has been exploring various meditation practices since her teen years, and joined the Awareness School in 2020 as a student in the Practical Awareness course. She has participated in multiple programs and is finalizing her teaching certification this Fall.


 "This course is for someone who is ready to take a step forward...whether it's your first step or 100th."

Alex J.

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“The power of this class is hard to describe. It is above all an initiation into seeing yourself as you really are, beyond/beneath all the voices and stories that are the constant soundtrack in your head. This class is a gentle invitation to wake up the observer within you, and perhaps that seems small and simple, but I think it is simple in the way of the seed being planted in rich earth, nourished by sun and rain."
~ Julie A.




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“I feel more grounded and have more perspective. I now have tools for how to come into the present and get out of my head. I can excuse myself, understand my reactions and forgive myself and others for the tendencies we have all developed."
~Cecile K.

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