An 8-week live course to unlock presence through self-awareness


Does this sound like you?

You find yourself playing out the same dysfunctions in your relationships, over and over again

You often feel guilty, ashamed or frustrated without understanding why or how to change it

You have bad habits that you know you want to change but you don’t know how to 

You have tried it all - therapy, reading self-help books and meditation and none of it has worked

Chances are you are living life in a state of waking sleep and in reaction mode. Most of us are.

This is because most of us have developed habits and patterns to help us feel in control of our lives. The problem is that many of these coping mechanisms get in the way of actually having real choices in our lives. 

Instead of acting with intention in our relationships, we play out past traumas

Instead of acting powerfully in our work, we slip into old and bad habits of sabotage

Instead of feeling our feelings and being present to our days, we bounce from distraction to distraction, numbing ourselves from what is really going on

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can:

Learn how to be in your body and present in your daily life for big and small moments

Find out what presence feels like and why it is crucial for seeing what creates your negative self-talk and bad habits

Develop strong and connected relationships where you are communicating clearly and compassionately

Choose to show up powerfully and with intention in your work and career

Here’s how to do it


Practical Awareness

An 8-week live course that provides tools for achieving personal freedom

What does personal freedom look like?

  • Less attachment to the ideas we have about ourselves thus less negative emotion
  • Having actual choice instead of reaction
  • More life satisfaction
  • Having an open heart so you can experience more love, understanding and empathy
  • Deeper connections
  • Fulfilling your destiny instead of being a victim of your fate

Rather than “fixing” ourselves, this course teaches you how to accept what arises within you and witness what is happening in the present moment.

This is the only path to lasting change.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you enroll
  • How to develop an inner witness that can see old patterns in the present moment
  • How to tell the difference between thoughts and feelings and how to integrate your body and mind
  • How to bring awareness to your unconscious behaviors through specific presence techniques
  • How to develop a meditation practice that helps you to “wake up” in your daily life
"By learning an expanded awareness of my body's sensations, I'm able to protect my energy and be present in my own body while performing energy healing sessions and teaching classes. This is extremely important for me so that I don't feel drained and depleted after working with clients. I highly recommend the Practical Awareness course for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of self-awareness and self-observation!"

Kara Promicter


But this course isn’t for everyone. Here’s what you won’t find:

Group therapy.

We do not diagnose behaviors or analyze the past. We ask participants to share experiences from the week and describe them as they happened without analysis. You are invited to be as personal as you are comfortable with, but it is not required to get the full depth of learning from the course.  

A group coaching program.

The live weekly sessions are to deepen your learning of the week’s content as well as share observations from your experiments with the homework. They are guided by trained and experienced facilitators who are there to lead meditations, review the lessons, model observation sharing and facilitate the flow of sharing. Beyond this, facilitators do not provide coaching, offer advice or give opinions to participants about their experience.

A formula for quick healing.

Our approach gives you the tools to objectively witness what is happening within, which is the only key to real long-term healing. This is a skill you will practice and deepen throughout your life. Practical Awareness is the introductory course for all of our programs. We encourage all graduates to join our weekly study groups and in-person retreats to deepen their work following the course.



This live course is held over 8 weeks, with one live group call each week. Choose your meeting time and enroll.


Here's what a past student has to say... 



Enrollment will open again in Spring 2022. Enter your info to join the waitlist and be the first to hear when enrollment opens. You can choose your meeting time when you enroll.

This course combines transformative teachings from ancient spiritual practices from around the world - including Sufism, Buddhism, and Christian mysticism - with modern western psychology applied to our daily lives. 

We use guided meditation, weekly lessons and live sessions so that you can apply these techniques right away in your daily life.

This is not like group therapy - we don’t analyze the past.

We learn a new way to relate to what is happening that changes things in the present moment.

Molly Knight Forde, founder of The Awareness School, found these tools over 20 years ago in her journey to heal anxiety, self-sabotage and poor boundaries.

After witnessing the profound impact of these teachings, alongside her husband Sean Forde, she has taught these techniques to hundreds of students.

She developed this course over eight years ago as an introduction to the key concepts and tools of the practice to help free people from their own fear, anxiety, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

What makes this course different from any other meditation course or program? You don’t just learn concepts, you apply tools right away to your daily life.

This course is about applying actual practices into your everyday life in a way that is practical and doable. All of your “homework” are things to start using in your life that week. The weekly live sessions, where you bring your observations and experiences, help to deepen your meditation practice and keep you accountable.

You are part of an intimate and private group of fellow spiritual seekers.

We keep each cohort to no more than 15 people so that you can share openly what you are learning and ask questions when you need them. Each cohort is guided by an experienced teacher who has mastery of the practices and is an expert facilitator.

These are practices that you can return to over a lifetime to deepen your spiritual transformation.

Our students report that the course is one of the most substantive they have ever taken. This is because we draw from techniques that have been practiced for thousands of years and by seekers from all over the world who have tested and perfected this material. While this material is practical and applicable, it is also advanced and for the serious seeker.



This course is being offered both online and in-person in Seattle, WA

Here is what the 8 weeks include:

  • An online portal with weekly video lesson and homework assignments to start using the tools right away
  • A weekly live session with your instructor and cohort to share your experiences. We also review that week’s content and meditate together
  • A private online forum with your fellow students to share your experiences and ask questions between meetings
  • An invitation to join the Awareness School study groups upon graduation to continue your spiritual practice, as well as access to discounts for retreats and programs
"Working with Molly I feel more grounded and have more perspective. I now have tools for how to come into the present and get out of my head. I can excuse myself, understand my reactions and forgive myself and others for the tendencies we have all developed."

Cecile Krejsa

"The Practical Awareness class has provided me tools for living a more joyful, purposeful and calm life. I can now handle with ease situations that used to be very difficult. Molly makes these crucial concepts easy to understand and implement."

Beth Morgan


Molly Knight Forde


20+ years experience in meditation and teaching, master sound healer

Sean Forde


20+ years of experience in meditation and teaching

Lynda Lopez

Certified Teacher

5 years of experience in meditation and teaching, Coach for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Michele Trump


6 years of experience in meditation, Holistic Wellness Mentor and Certified Yoga Instructor

"There are many opinions about the life we're in. Where a majority of teachings ask for faith in concepts, This course encourages self-examination, where students must find for themselves the mechanisms that drive our existence. Through this process comes the possibility of actual change; of a real understanding about our place in this world. There are very valuable tools here for anyone seeking a broader perspective and deeper spiritual life."

Brandon Foshee


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