The Awareness School Retreats offer a concentrated environment for accelerated transformation that is quite unconventional.

We move about our day together in different activities designed to upgrade vibration but to also mimic regular life.  We learn how to practice mindfulness, what it means to use expanded awareness and how to take that home.

Strengthening this kind of awareness helps you see into your own patterns and conditioning. We provide a template for your inner work to blossom and grow. This template plants the seeds for deeper self-observation to shine light on your own shadow.

The retreats take place in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we work to develop presence through building, gardening, meditation, Gurdjieff Movements, sound healing and group sharing.

You will experience a unique feeling here because of the conditions we intentionally set up. Our retreats range from long weekends to a week-long immersion.

"One retreat is all it takes to want to keep coming back again and again. Each trip is unbelievably more rewarding than the previous. You will learn things about yourself that you would otherwise never have realized, opening up your senses to  the world and how you choose to live in it."

Connie Everett



Put principles into practice.
May 24th - May 27th, 2024
Register by May 3rd, 2024



8 full days into the exploration of Self-Remembrance 
August 2nd - August 10th, 2024
*applications due by July 5th, 2024



Our role as men in today's world
October 11th - 14th, 2024
Register by September 20th, 2024



Join us for an informative, experiential 4 days of sound healing.
July 18th - 22nd 2024
*applications due by June 13th, 2024


"When I am at a retreat, I am reminded of a certain state of Being that connects me back to all the retreats I have been to. Once we all drop into the container held for us, I notice a different sense of time, sensory presence and connectedness. The growth we share together is inexplicable and exponential."

Morgan Brown

About Your Teacher

Molly Knight Forde has been teaching the Gurdjieff Movements consistently since 1996. She was first introduced to these mystical dances as a professional classical pianist accompanying classes in Seattle under the tutelage of John MacPherson, graduate of the International Academy for Continuous Education at Sherborne House with J.G. Bennett.

The Movements and their hauntingly beautiful music directly impacted Molly’s soul and launched an intense study and participation in the dances themselves for 14 years. She attended many week-long seminars facilitated by other Sherborne and Claymont graduates including Jose Reyes, Walter Goodwin, Russel Schrieber and Deborah Rose Longo as accompanist and participant over the years, as well as with Wim Van Dulleman where she learned the delicate balance of being simultaneously the accompanist and the instructor for a movements class.


All of these varied influences also led to the research of her copious Movements notes and music in which she found ample discrepancies. She consulted with Gurdjieff’s daughter, Dushka Howarth, to learn more from her scrupulous attention to detail and differences amongst the many teachers such as Anna Durko, Solange Claustres, Pierre Elliot and more. Molly’s consultations with Dushka led to being a proof reader of the Gurdjieff Heritage Archive which houses many sets of original notes and printed music.

She is the master teacher and founder of the Awareness School which seeks to elucidate the fourth way ideas through practical courses, weekly study groups, and Movements events. Currently, she instructs quarterly Movement seminars in Seattle and week-long summer events at the school property in the San Juan Islands, attracting participants from all over the world.

She actively accompanies the Movements and performs Sacred Music by Gurdjieff and de Hartmann for other seminars, recently including collaboration with Anthony Blake at Claymont and with Avrom Altman in Corfu, Greece.

Molly, author of Be Present, a collection of short essays reflecting on fourth way ideas, is now working on her memoir about her life in The Gurdjieff Work.