Join us for a 10-day journey into the exploration of Self-Remembrance. Application only.

What allows us to better understand the fire of transformation and how to keep it burning?

How do we stoke the embers daily through our own intentional effort?

We will be using fourth way techniques, the Gurdjieff movements, sound shamanic journey and nature immersion to discover the subtle art of conscious labor and intentional effort.

Remembering ourselves in the moment over and over brings us to the threshold of a deeper consciousness. Those moments bring new impressions and a reservoir of energy from which to draw.

Find out what right effort looks like in terms of our inner landscape, and how that contributes deeply to Self-Remembering.

That Remembrance brings us home to the hearth of our Being.

Whether it is through gesture, movement, soul journey, or connecting to others, all of this can add up to creating a ripe environment for this discovery.

The retreat includes a practical work project, three hours of Gurdjieff movements each day, evening zikr and/or sound shamanic journey, plus the usual fun of campfires, outdoor cooking and more.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest.

The accommodations are shared glamping, tent camping or nearby AirBnBs.






Apply for the 2022 Retreat

Due to the depth of self-inquiry, shamanic journey and meditation at our retreats, we want to know how to best serve you and make sure this is a good fit.

Each attendee must submit a separate application