Join this 3-week course to jumpstart your meditation practice or learn to deepen your current daily meditations.


Meditation is one of the most profound life altering skills you can master.


Meditation changes neural pathways, it heals your body, it opens your heart.

It gives you peace, self-acceptance, and the subtle awareness to experience joy and gratitude in every moment.

This 21-day journey is not just about meditating. I invite you to experience a shift in how you see things, what you believe, and what you think you know. You will learn how to use awareness to key into your inner state with practical tools to be used out in everyday life.

The Process

  • Recorded meditations with instructions.
  • Daily emails offering additional guidance.
  • Develop the groundwork for deeper self-awareness and presence.
  • Master true self-acceptance.
  • Carry these skills into your daily life.

We live in a state of autopilot filled with automatic associations, reactions and limiting beliefs. What most people don’t know is that we are the architects of our own destiny. 

The 21-day meditation provides a means of seeing this in ourselves through awareness practice and meditation and to discover a deeper sense of peace and purpose.

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Enroll now and get the 21-Day Meditation Course and the Energy Insights Series