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Doorways to Consciousness

Want to know some secrets about what mindfulness really is?

Are you looking for ways to strengthen an inner witness that can recognize conditioned patterns? 

Presence can lead to extraordinary results in our lives.

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In this webinar, I explain 3 different forms of attention, and how most of us are using the wrong kind to develop the inner witness. I also take you through some important vehicles for Presence which lead to deep self-observation and freedom from pattern.

There are many factors that contribute to waking up, becoming aware, and then working with that to be able to see conditioned patterns that run our lives.

  • Learn what holds you back from seeing what is actually happening within you
  • Discover life-changing ideas and practices used to bring about awareness of conditioned behavior 
  • Find out the secret weapon of mindfulness 
  • Take steps to determine your destiny instead of being a victim of fate

I hope you get great mileage out of this gift!


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