All the Wonders of Egypt

Apr 10, 2019
All the Wonders of Egypt


To wander through Egypt, experiencing ancient and miraculous sites of architectural technology unparalleled by any society can strike awe in anyone. This one aspect alone offers information about an advanced civilization knowledgeable in sacred geometry, geodesy, the Golden Mean, Pythagorean philosophy of number, and our relation to time, space and dimension. It can make one dizzy. Just to be in it and around it elicits wonder and curiosity.

My fascination with Egypt has increased more than I thought possible after my recent trip, and I leave the country with more questions than answers.

This was the second trip to Egypt in my lifetime. I am a totally different person than on my first visit some thirty years ago. The magic and mystery were not lost on me then and I have been somewhat obsessed with the origins of such a sophisticated civilization that sprung out of nowhere. In between those visits, I have probably watched every documentary on Egypt, read scores of books, and seen countless YouTube videos regarding the true dating of the Sphinx, the tsunami theory, the Nibiru question, the Annunaki, the work of star races, the impossibility of moving 100-ton cubic blocks of granite, the enormity of scale, the code of the hieroglyphs, the secret teachings embedded in the myth and symbols, the resistance of Egyptologists to consider other possible theories, the ridiculousness of theories that negate such possibilities, and the magic that pervades all aspects of the culture.

Where can I begin this series of articles?

I want to divulge my personal experience and impressions through the eyes of a spiritual seeker open to understanding the mystery. I did not go with an agenda to prove anything. I was not looking with tunnel vision for corroborating evidence to prove a preferred theory. I went to find out more about the teachings of transformation, human access to The Absolute, the hidden messages, and the direct experience of the unseen worlds of Egyptian theology.

Hieroglyphics are code.

Images do more than tell stories. They carry vibration beyond the verbal and logical scheme of ideas. Though hieroglyphics have been deciphered, there is wiggle room in terms of interpretation. Perhaps I wasn’t looking for corroborating evidence of a theory, but I could not help but zero in on the message of eternal life, specific dimensional features beyond time and space, and what it has to do with our place and purpose in the Universe.

I sought not to interpret, but to receive messages beyond thought or concept. I walked into each temple, tomb or pyramid open to a more rounded and elevated experience of understanding. My eyes were drawn to tools used by certain Gods and Goddesses that reveal the secrets of awakening. I looked for aspects of sound as the vehicle for creation. I saw messages everywhere about life force, kundalini, and the opening and activation of the pineal gland as a gateway to other dimensions, as well as our place in the wheel of life.

Sacred spaces collect and hold energy.

I oriented to the collected energy over time of each space; sometimes coming away electrified and sometimes about to throw up. Discovering the history after the fact helped explain some of my reactions. Some environments ignited intense kundalini flow and some felt neutral. Toning into various cavities and rooms created openings, overtones, and dimensional shifts. At one point, our collective toning in two connecting chambers of the Meidum Pyramid, a mundane, sleepy and “uninteresting” construction compared to the Great Pyramid, produced material shifts beyond our comprehension. Many of us, both from the upper chamber and the lower chamber simultaneously experienced the limestone ceiling/floor move and ripple.

A Living Dharma is being secretly passed on for those who can see it.

Finally, I opened myself to the deep connection to a living teaching perhaps buried and hidden by secret brotherhoods that desired to hide the precious pearls of wisdom from those who would abuse the power. I will tell the tale of how I was directly instructed to open myself to this teaching, where and how it is hidden, realizing that I am of a lineage that has been carrying this wisdom and passing it on since the dawn of time.

Egyptian magic is real.

I had visions beyond what I could have ever imagined and was touched by Isis, Sekhmet and Thoth. I continue to decipher the downloads through lucid dreams, revelation, and heightened understanding. The magic of Egypt outside of time and space is accessible for those who can open to it. The dynamic touch of energetic phenomena makes itself known in magical ways.

Traveling with a group offers its own rewards.

There was also an entire group dynamic that mirrored the trouble we have as a human race in which our Divine Will remains in utter subjugation to the Ego, and the unfortunate consequences that has on our sovereignty, our acceptance, cooperation, and compassion for each other, and our inability to birth the divine masculine and feminine in its pure form within ourselves. The emergence of these divine aspects in relation to each other is the outward sign of an invisible grace. That birth and actualization do not exist in some higher world as an absolute that we pull down from the ethers while ignoring the very basic human interactions. It must be realized through the human experience as an alchemical experience with each other. We must actualize these higher aspects in our human hearts and minds. That is how our ascension into higher consciousness will play out.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you in detail in the weeks to come. For now, I have to get over jetlag if I am to make any sense of it all.

Look for more detailed accounts in the weeks to come.




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