Clues to the Hidden Treasure

Dec 10, 2019
Clues to the Hidden Treasure


Here are some clues to the hidden treasure…

Finding hidden parts of ourselves is difficult work. We are conditioned to hide the unlikable, less desirable traits because they never get us love and affection. We have learned to dislike these parts of ourselves and shut them away. We overcompensate for these “lacks” and we project them onto others. If we are able to get a glimpse of how unaccepting we are of these traits in us, we can begin personal assimilation that accounts for tremendous healing, manifestation, and recognizing our power.

It is unearthing our true Essence. 

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that these unwanted aspects will seep out in the most nefarious ways and that is when the disjunct happens inside. We cannot admit our fears, insecurities, self-loathing, resentment, or desperate search for fulfillment. They, however, are a part of us, but we don’t want that to be true. The sooner we get to see it, the better.

Fitting in, being successful, searching for happiness in all the wrong places, earning love, having more, conflating sex with acknowledgment/love, and many more scenarios like this are symptoms of these hidden parts. We cannot see them as symptoms because we do not understand the cause. We keep trying to fulfill these false needs from the outside rather than from within. We ease the symptoms instead of finding the cause.

The symptoms can be a big clue.

We also cope through judging.

If we are lucky enough to observe the less desirable traits in ourselves, we are filled with judgment about how wrong we are, how badly we have failed, how untrusting we are of our capacity.  We do this at least 10 times plus an hour, but we learn to shut it out. It is normalized within the chatter and we do not realize how attached we are to those beliefs. It takes more than just seeing it or hearing it.

Watching our likes and dislikes is all about judgment. When we judge, we want to prove we are right about a belief we are already holding. Our loyalty is not to the truth but to being right. This is a huge setback for our cohesion. The same goes for when we judge ourselves.

We have a sense of right or wrong and our conditioning has shaped those views based on what gets us somewhere. By hiding the “undesirables,” bad, and wrong, we have royally fragmented ourselves in order to fulfill the picture of ourselves that we have.

This fragmentation is the human condition.

In the Practical Awareness Course, we teach about buffers. They are the symptoms that blur the conflicting parts within ourselves. We identify with being a good person, but we do “bad” things.  This does not compute to the carved-out reality scene in our heads. So we have buffers… blaming, shaming, lying, justifying, judging self and others, and many more.

We end up using select buffers often and it shows us our tendencies and our “weaknesses.” We either have a propensity for cutting ourselves down or blowing ourselves up out of proportion and usually both. Either scenario rarely allows us to be wrong. 

Pinpointing buffers is another clue.

Our greatest blinder is projection and some of the buffers have to do with that. 

This is what scapegoating is all about. It is why society has villains and monsters, tyrants and worse. They are those who hold up the archetype of evil and just plain wrong. Haha! They embody our collective shadow and they will be acting out until we accept and integrate those parts within ourselves. 

Projection is another great clue.

Here’s an exercise for the next two weeks.

Pinpoint someone who really bugs you, whose values you despise, and who goes against your principles.

When you find yourself judging them for lying, for instance, turn to yourself and find 3 instances of how you have lied today (possibly to yourself)!

When you see how manipulative they are, find ways that you are manipulative with people. Try hard to see that.

When you see that they never say they are sorry or are incapable of being wrong, you may see their insecurity, then find what is so insecure in yourself. Find how hard it is for you to make mistakes and be wrong.

When you see how unfair things are, find 3 instances of how unfair you have been to yourself.

In any instance of judging this person, find some examples of how you do the same thing to yourself.

Name them. See them in action. Admit that you have these things.

Once you can do that, we can talk about what to do with it.

Please let me know below some of your nefarious characteristics. 

Sending love this week.



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