How We Can Connect Through Prayer

Feb 10, 2022

How We Can Connect Through Prayer

This week’s video zeros in on prayer, one of the three components of a spiritual life.

We are all at varying stages of spiritual transformation when on the path. We may have blissful states, deep moments of presence, inner visions and experiences that give us a glimpse of what it means to be on the path. Those states offer inspiration and assurance that something is working.

They do not mean you have arrived!  The aim is to attain certain stations along the way where there is permanence of Presence and connection with the Divine.

There are three components in a spiritual life necessary for arriving at those stations. They are: a practice of prayer and meditation, an interest in mystical texts and teachings, and being of service out in the world by striving to be compassionate, patient, and filled with gratitude and humility.

As we reach higher stations, we have the duty to be of service through our established evolution and knowledge. It is easy to alienate ourselves from the troubles of the world and retreat to our little mountaintop, and it is also tempting to seek power or recognition as a result of that station. Neither is appropriate if we are to be of service to humanity and the planet.

What we do, how we live, and how we interact in regular life contributes to the evolution of all. When we deepen our ability to pray and meld with the Divine, we are being of service to others. When we also strive to live a more complete life through connection, love, and gratitude we are fusing our spiritual nature with our material nature. 

This is the essence of what we call here at The Awareness School, “Work In the World”. We are developing our higher spiritual nature while living our regular lives out in the world. In this way, our transformation serves something much greater.  

At the end of the video, I describe the practice of Tonglen, the Tibetan Buddhist practice of prayer as give and take as a way to be of service to each other. We are one.


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