Cosmic Concentrations

Oct 23, 2018
Cosmic Concentrations



Cosmic concentrations are only available to us under very special conditions. The study of energy and the way it evolves or involves is one way to know our part in the scheme of cosmic concentrations entering our planet and entering us.

Many of you may know that I teach the language and ideas of the Fourthway, but it is only through my own experience that I can describe my understanding of cosmic concentrations and how they become accessible. Our purpose here is to refine our ability to access, catalyze and accumulate higher cosmic concentrations emanating from the stars.

In Gurdjieff’s terms, these concentrations are emitted from the Sun Absolute, devoid of the restrictions of certain laws which continually dilute their force but also create the pathway to us. They are subject to the Laws of the Universe as we are, and so lose their “concentration” and ability to act directly upon us in a more impactful way.

Even the initial primordial spark, the Divine Logos threaded throughout our consciousness perhaps in diminutive form, can be more fully experienced as we eliminate the number of laws under which we ourselves live. This Divine Spark undergoes constant involution through the process of affirming and denying forces that produce the reconciliation of the two. This process then spurs on more and more triads.

We must learn to reconstruct these forces within ourselves to create a vacuous state.

For more on these forces and The Law of Three, you can read my blog.

We can experience the effects of cosmic concentrations as we eliminate the number of laws under which we experience life. Much of this is explained in the scale of energies by John G. Bennett in his book, Deeper Man.

We can also get a taste of the makeup of these concentrations in P.D. Ouspensky’s explanation of the Table of Hydrogens in his book, In Search of the Miraculous.

We begin to see the vast Universe as part of us and how our freedom from laws, which restrict access to these influences, is crucial to our evolution.

I would have to write a complete treatise on this for us to understand more, but the blog is to introduce these ideas and create possibilities for a broadened perspective.

In plain human experience, when we are able to act from the influence of fewer laws, our lives feel different.

We have discrimination and choice in varying degrees depending on how much permanent freedom we have acquired. We become able to intentionally implement our own personal struggle to create higher energies within ourselves. This in turn aids in our construction of higher bodies that again hold higher concentrations.

This kind of education in the ways of energy, inner struggle, and higher concentrations can only be understood through experience and not explanation. It is why Mystery Schools exist to carry on the delicate teaching not meant for the general public.

There are also vehicles for which Higher Cosmic Concentrations can reach us in order to penetrate human hindrance.

We are only permeable to a certain degree, and the more concerted inner energetic work we do, the more susceptible we are to these higher influences. It is an effect that works from the bottom up (evolution of energies) and from the top down (involution of higher influences).

For someone to work under fewer laws and hold a gateway for higher influences to penetrate our realm is to be of complete service to humankind. The work of freeing oneself from the restrictions of reaction and attachment allow room for the higher to come in. Part of that work is in humility and recognizing our own self-serving ambition.

As we become free, our work in the world becomes quite apparent, necessary, and, in fact, unavoidable.

In whatever role or profession we choose, our freedom brings in those concentrations.

We don’t have to be spiritual teachers to be gateways. Those cosmic forces come through our Art, our Science, our relationship with the planet, and our relationship with each other.

When we learn the ways of inner combustion, self-observation and intentional struggle, we create the possibility of coming under the influence of higher forces. We then become placeholders for more to come in.

You may wonder why this particular subject has come up in my series on sound.

I believe that sound carries the frequencies of the Sun Absolute as does light.

When those frequencies become refined and directed, they have direct impact upon us. Just as a shaman accesses unseen worlds and holds space for an individual to see, so does the sound shaman.

Holding space and access to higher influences through sound is something others may not understand directly, but feel in the way of energy shift, peacefulness, profound insight and Remorse of Conscience.

It enables seeing the journey of our work in this lifetime. It may come initially as fear or irritation with which we must sit.

It may be one way to find something that was inaccessible through other means. It is not the only answer, for I feel we must actively and intentionally approach our transformation.

The higher order of sound is an active force descending that must be “accepted” or received through vulnerable means. It may assist us in breaking down walls that hold the higher forces back.

This influx of cosmic concentration through sound and crystal compositions in the form of sound bowls offers a new possibility for growth, understanding, and integration. It can affect the creative and generative impulse needed to ignite our progress.

More on this next week.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.

Have a great week.



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