Cosmic Law and the Window of Opportunity

Jun 10, 2020
Cosmic Law and the Window of Opportunity


Amidst necessary racial unrest, great hope is on the horizon.

There are Cosmic Laws at play that offer us a huge window of opportunity.

The possibility of enormous change seems so very palpable, however, like so many wars, revolutions, and the reckoning with injustice, structures emerge that purport to keep the insidious disease that runs through the veins of people and their human nature at bay. 

The balance depends on seeing our inner landscape from a place deep within us that will be reflected in the collective. The intolerance for injustice comes to the surface again and again throughout history as a conscious shock and a chance to change the course of history.

“No force ever works continuously in the same direction. It works for a certain amount of time and then diminishes in intensity and either changes direction or undergoes inner change.” 

P.D. Ouspensky

This Cosmic Law is known as the Law of Seven or the Law of Octaves.

It explains why there are no straight lines in Nature.

Within any force there are two points where manifestations of energy undergo a certain change. There is a slowing down. If an additional shock does not enter at this time, things return to the beginning or change direction. This is how we can see things turn in on themselves and become their opposite. Communism becomes repression of the people. Capitalism becomes an authoritarian regime. Police become brutal with power. People discriminate no matter what laws are in place.

Obstacles are normal within a process and we cannot rely on chance or accident to get where we want to go. We must understand when a new possibility opens and take responsibility.

If we look at American history in light of racial divide and inequality, we see that a group of people left a monarchy in search of individual freedom and equal rights. A revolution ensued in order to accomplish this aim. However, this trajectory changed direction as the founding fathers were incapable of holding these absolute values as their aim. Their thirst for power and dominion overrode any quest for equality that they originally had.

The irreverence for human life, the voracious appetite for control, the fear of loss, the ever-present belief in scarcity and subsequent greed has been present within people of all colors since the beginning of time. Put in the particulars here of whites shipping Africans over and keeping them in abject slavery for hundreds of years, and you have once again a racist society of inequality to the core.

As long as the human psyche sees skin color, gender, religion and anything else as other, then we will have the cruel and unethical treatment going on forever, no matter what laws are put in place, no matter what systems are changed.

We humans created fascism, slavery, human trafficking, genocide, and all other flagrant manifestations of hate and abuse.

However, there are moments of shock entering where we have a chance to keep the trajectory going forward.

For example, consider the Civil War. If we are talking about the particulars of U.S. History, here was a point in time for course correction, but even with the Emancipation Act and abolition of slavery, the force changed direction again. Andrew Johnson pandered to the Southern Confederacy states regarding land ownership, reversed laws, and introduced the Black Codes.

“The notorious Black Codes were an astonishing affront to emancipation and made plain and indisputable the attempt on the part of the Southern States to make Negroes slaves in everything but name.”

White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson

The Freedmen’s Bureau and the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed in the house and senate defining as citizens all persons born in the United States, except Native Americans, a horror in itself.

Andrew Johnson vetoed the bill.

Congress even tried by leaving out the right to vote and widespread land distribution for newly freed slaves but Johnson still vetoed this bill.

Hell… Mississippi didn’t even ratify the Thirteenth Amendment until 2013 to give you an idea of how bad the situation has been.

So, you can see, even after the Civil War, things turned in on themselves quickly. 

Nearly one hundred years passed before black people are given the right to vote. That took another systemic shock and awakening called the Civil Rights movement where black voices were beginning to be heard.

There are many things to do at this moment. There is a reason police have the authority where they should have none. There are reasons why the police and ICE agents are being militarized. We must defund the police and put social systems in place, offer reparations to all POC to put things on an even keel, but police brutality, inequality among people, white guilt and privilege, black rage and all the things happening are not going to be fixed from the outside.

We could do all of these things and hopefully we will, but history shows us and the The Law of Octaves demonstrates, an inner change must occur for the direction to keep moving forward. 

The American Revolution, the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement are examples of shocks that offered the possibility of course correction. We are once again in an awakening…a force coming in from the outside requiring us to make the inner shift.

What we are dealing with is the human condition that has been here since the beginning of time.

We have an opening…a shock…a straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, the tipping point of too many black lives taken by police… to propel us into a forward moving direction again, but if we don’t want another hundred years to pass before something actually gets resolved, we must look deeply within and see ourselves as other.  We must hold ourselves true in our daily lives reaching across the divide to support and love one another. It starts with our personal lives, supporting one another as equals in life, business, and relationships, but that comes from a deep inner transformation.

Racism is systemic, so we must continue to call it out, just as the world called out Hitler, and that means white and people of color call it out.

We certainly must root out redlining and segregation, voter suppression, gerrymandering, police brutality, but we have to see that those issues are a result of something much deeper inside of us. It lives on a micro-level, first and foremost, that gone unchecked will manifest exactly the same scenario no matter what gets changed in the interim. History has shown us that. 

Self-realization and transformation will be reflected in society; the macro reflects the micro. 

Therefore, each of us holds a key by becoming responsible and not dependent on some structure or ism. We can become free of seeing color, gender, etc. as other. It comes from our inner work to free our own human spirit.

If each of us picks up this gauntlet of inner vigilance in this window of opportunity, the change will be exponential.

“No force ever works continuously in the same direction. It works for a certain amount of time and then diminishes in intensity and either changes direction or undergoes inner change.” 

The force will either change direction and become its opposite once again or we will undergo the necessary inner change to make this Great Awakening happen.


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