Egypt is Calling

Nov 27, 2018
Egypt is Calling


Egypt is calling and has been calling me my entire life.

The hilarious thing is Egypt has literally been calling me on my cell phone. It is most assuredly a spam call, but when I see the word Egypt under the number, I smile and take it as confirmation that everything is on target and in perfect timing.

My first visit to Egypt happened in my late twenties when my sister and I decided to go on an adventure. We read books on Egyptian Magic, hieroglyphics, and general history in order to enrich our three-week experience. Though we would have the safety and ease of a “rudimentary cruise ship” part of the time, we also made sure that we had unstructured time for our own discovery.

Though I had been living in Paris at the time, this was my first extended trip to Arabic culture. I had gone to Morocco for a brief four days in Rabat to my previous boyfriend’s family home, but never an immersion in the ways of life, the food, the culture, or the calls to prayer that I would come to know in Egypt.

I was mesmerized by the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities with its elaborate displays of jewelry, tools, sarcophagi and the many articles of King Tut. I had some strange connection to it all in a way I had never felt before. I was excited to see the temples, tombs, and pyramids all down the Nile.

At that time, we were able to enter many parts of the pyramids and temples now inaccessible to tourists. We were surprised to see the local crowds having their picnics along the wall of the Great Pyramid of Giza. We descended through restoration work by escalator into the damp belly of that pyramid, and I knew at once, that this enormous monument served a greater purpose than a mere tomb. I could feel the magic inside of me and inside of it. With strangers all around, some also testing the acoustics, I was embarrassingly compelled to overtone sing for a second or two.

It is the way I feel the space.

Everywhere we went along the Nile, I would seek out quiet corners of a tomb or a temple to “sense” the numinous qualities. I was constantly assessing the unseen world even back then. I would often have a feeling of peace or conversely a wave of fear. I marveled at the grandiosity of the temple columns and the intricate details of the carvings. This was not an unsophisticated ancient culture, but definitely a cryptic one.

The scale of the buildings and monuments became a perplexing mystery.

It was mind-blowing to ponder what it was all for. Why so many pyramids? How were they actually built? What purpose did the Sphynx serve?

The further we traveled down the Nile, the more magical things became.  I was engulfed in a sense of wonder and reverence, and for the first time acknowledged the very esoteric and spiritual side of myself. It was ignited in me.

I could verify through my own inner sense that there was something other-worldly about Egypt.

One of the locals told me to walk three times around a specific scarab statue at the Luxor temple to make a wish. That wish came true (another story altogether).

Until this day, I have held onto tiny icons found in upstairs rooms crammed with statues and scarabs of all sizes that remind me of the magic of Egypt. In hindsight, I see that something was activated in me to incite my lifelong discovery of mysticism within myself and to understand the deeper meaning of all the esoteric teachings.

I began a complete immersion in the study of zen meditation and Irano-Egyptian Yoga within a month of my return followed by twelve years of study in the Gurdjieff Work, the Gurdjieff Movements and Sufism, private mentorship in the ways of the shaman and the understanding of energy, four initiations in Tibetan Buddhism, and finally contact with Teachers, not of this physical plane on earth.

I have been led to use music and sound within all of those parameters from zhikr to Om to sound healing with my use of the crystal tones alchemy singing bowls. I was taught in the inner meaning of the seed syllables of Om and began to incorporate the inner complexities of those evolving frequencies within the overtones of my voice. My initial introduction to spiritual sound was in Irano-Egyptian use of droning while tapping all the various endocrine glands. I practiced this with my first teacher in Paris for six years.

My years in the Gurdjieff Work introduced me to the ways of zhikr. My teacher was of the Mevlevi Order of Sufis, and initiated me into the hidden qualities of this mystical chanting. Unlike the southern Sufis, I was taught to walk a judicious fine line in the use of zhikr, a practice meaning Remembrance. It emphasized both the yes and the no, the middle way, so to speak, in which one could be in the room but also not of this world, all at the same time while chanting with a group of people. We would not whip ourselves up into an emotional frenzy but slowly ascend to another state.

This practice is said to remove the rust from our hearts.  

I was learning Remembrance through sound and breath. While being both grounded and prudent, I also often heard a ney accompanying us; a ney that was not physically in the room.

I believe Egypt can open doors, and for me, it was a magical mysterious door to the ways of The Mystic.

Today I come full circle in which I will co-lead a group of people down the Nile to assist in opening doors for them. The bowls will come with us, and we will learn to tone together with them. We will make ourselves vulnerable to a magic that has always been there, and always will be. The Egyptians used sound in very mysterious ways, and perhaps we can rediscover the profound effect it has on our dimensional reality.

Sound and its use in intra-dimensional travel is a lost art.

Rest assured I was invited to participate on this journey by trusted guides who have facilitated this kind of tour before, and who have very intentional wishes for the trip. Both Krystal and Alex are holders of the light simply because of their own spiritual journeys.

There are many, many of us across the world holding the light by virtue of striving toward making ourselves available to Divine Source. Seeking truth deeply counts for something. Any of you who have been seeking the ways of honesty within yourself and full-on reckoning with your fear is a holder of the light.

Our individual work is the transformation of the planet, and so to gather as holders of the light creates a new power within us all.

Come with us to Egypt…

The tour happens March 20 - April 6, 2019, and the deadline for deposits is upon us, November 30th. We can figure out payment plans for you. The price you see in the link below covers everything: tour, spiritual program, accommodations, transportation within Egypt, food, and an incredible journey.

Here’s the link with details of the tour:

North American applicants can contact me.

I look forward to traveling with you on every level!




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