Embodying Divine Feminine Principles Through Sensation

Oct 19, 2022

I was taught that sensation is the first tool to master to gain present moment awareness. It was not just so I could be in my body (although that is what it did), but it was to learn to divide my attention. It was not just for getting grounded (although that is what it did), but to experience what was me and what was not me. It was not just to take me out of my thinking (although that is just what it did), but to integrate the three brains, moving, feeling and thinking as a unified field from which to observe myself.

The practice of sensation is the way to embodiment.

We carry within us generations of emotional pain and suffering that will continue to be handed down unless we take steps to heal. We can’t distinguish the tightly woven fabric of what is ours and what is ancestral. We may not be able to unearth pain that resides deep within us. We bypass it by not being in our bodies. If we combine the work of sensation, awareness, and observation with that of reconciling those issues specifically relegated to the feminine aspects, we have the chance of healing ancient wounds.

One in four women have endured sexual abuse. This alarming statistic reveals the burden they carry within them. They are oppressed as a minority. They have predominantly and traditionally filled the support role. They have learned to suffer in silence.

They endure unconscious bias in their homes, in the workplace, as entrepreneurs, and in society. Presently, I believe society on the whole is experiencing a backlash to the rising power of the Divine Feminine. That power blossoming before us is threatening the status quo. That power represents the true balance of masculine and feminine energy within each one of us no matter with which gender we identify.

In what ways do we experience lack of self worth, insecurity in leadership, identification with martyrdom? Do we overcompensate for imagined lack? Are we afraid to take risks? Statistics show that women will not apply for a position unless they are 100% qualified whereas men will take the risk when only 40% qualified. How does that play out in all areas of our lives?

In contrast, how have we denied our Divine Feminine nature? Are we so driven because that is what it takes to succeed in this world today? Have we left our intuitive powers to lay dormant? Have we forgotten that support and collaboration is crucial for a balanced world? As a collective, the feminine element of caring for the sick, the weak, and the poor has either been overshadowed by personal gain and competition or taken to an extreme at one’s own expense.

Part of enhancing our awareness in subtle ways through sensation allows us to objectively see this in action in ourselves and in the world around us. One of the true gifts of the feminine aspect is the ability to see multiple facets simultaneously. The feminine level of insight into a situation is profound. 

Developing awareness of sensation in the body brings us to the present moment. We see ourselves from an objective perspective, free of stories and attachment to unworthiness and insecurity. We can assess our physical and emotional state and accept it, care for it, nurture it. We can begin to see how we have deprived the Sacred Feminine principles in our lives.

Our particular goal with sensation and attention is to have expanded awareness in which we maintain sensation of our bodies while watching other inner phenomena. This is unlike directed attention which so many people confuse for mindfulness. It is not reprogramming positive for negative. It is not re-labeling the stories. It is seeing and understanding our attachment to toxic femininity and masculinity in action.

Without this, we are driven to obsess or hyper focus on results. We override our own needs to please others. We have no regard for what is actually happening to us because of the bifurcation of mind and body.

Using and enhancing expanded awareness, we can discover more about our overall tendencies in relation to our inner states and the divine feminine qualities we have extinguished in ourselves. We can weave our observation of systems within us(health to energetic to psychic)  to those outside of us  (social, political and environmental).

Through sensation, we can empower Divine Feminine qualities within ourselves.

Molly Knight Forde is the founder of the Awareness School and author of Be Present: Reflections Along The Way.

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