Every Breath You Take

May 27, 2020
Every Breath You Take


One of the divine gifts we have for our inner work is our breath. At any moment we have the possibility to breathe consciously. When we do so, when we remember our breath, we are brought into the present moment.

Our attention to this breath and what it can transmute can make all the difference in our lives. With each conscious breath comes distribution of light throughout our system. If we are aware of the finer substance that exists in the air, a refined essence that we all share, we can realize that we all have instant access to it. The more attention we pay to this aspect of elements in the air, the more purified our breath becomes and we are fed.

This is the secret to divine alchemy.

In trying to create a mindful sacred daily practice, we come up with excuse after excuse. We are extremely skilled at making excuses for ourselves. We will come up with anything to excuse ourselves from being here now.


Because if we begin the work of attaining light consciousness, our reality as we know it may turn upside down. Everything we know as us may be proven false.  All security systems hacked. All foundations crumbled.

We may know somewhere deep inside that everything we have built our daily life around is a false pretense for living; the way we do our jobs, the way we search for love, and the way we remain dependent on things that don’t serve.

We know we are unhappy and longing for meaning but continue to reinforce the deep grooves of automatic behavior. If we seek our true purpose and listen to our heart, we risk losing everything we have built up for years and years. It means our life has been a sham.

If we get a taste of this divine light and get even a little traction, it can sometimes send us running toward feel good new age fluff.  We search for anything to fill the newly found void that keeps us from actually facing the scary shadow stuff.

Yes, the part of us that identifies strongly with good and bad will cling to self-improvement like a bulldog.

We also run to easy listening and smooth jazz types of spirituality with pretty riffs and lots of sappy emotional melodies. The sentimental journey substitutes our chance of feeling what we are really hiding from.

It’s a patch.  

It’s a fix.  

It makes us feel really good about ourselves until we don’t and go back for more, but it isn’t expanding our consciousness one iota.

The litmus test is how we live our daily lives, how happy we really are, how capably we experience acceptance and love through right action. That is how we can assess our level of Being and how our practice is working or not.

Are we connecting, thriving (uh that includes making money), creating, rejoicing, relaxing and partaking of an inner force that permeates everything we do? 

It’s the thing that can make even collecting garbage a soulful expansion of our God: Consciousness.

We have a chance any second of the day to raise our level of Being.

We have a choice at any juncture to remember to breathe consciously.

Those moments add up to a very big deal.


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