Facing Parkinson's with Fearlessness in 2024

Jan 04, 2024

My New Year’s address is a very personal one that I hope will inspire you to deal with any difficulty that you may be facing.

Though 2023 was one of the best years of my life, in March I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and chose to keep it under wraps for several reasons:

  • I questioned the accuracy of the diagnosis after having been diagnosed with any number of things including long-term COVID-19, Lyme Disease, and musculoskeletal-related problems.
  • I needed to diligently research the nature of PD in order to determine my healing protocol.
  • I had to keep a high level of privacy knowing my family and the school would be very much in the public eye with my daughter being on The Voice.
  • I needed time to digest the whole thing.

There were several things I was sure of upon being diagnosed:

  • I would overcome this strange and supposedly incurable condition of which no one knows the cause.
  • I would learn from those who have totally recovered from “incurable diseases,” including Parkinson’s.
  • I accepted this challenge as part of the divine plan of my own transformation.

The first thing I had to do was not entertain future grim scenarios that were handed to me with the diagnosis. My neurologist claimed, “there is no cure for this progressively degenerative condition so start taking medication to alleviate symptoms.” The side effects of that medication can be worse than the symptoms themselves. As one of my students said, this is a very hard pill to swallow…so I didn’t.

You may think that I was not accepting the diagnosis, but on the contrary, I have accepted it full stop. What I will not accept is that there is no way to recover, to improve, to stave off this slow progression of physical degeneration; and so my healing journey begins.

Everything I have been teaching and practicing has prepared me for this moment. And it is working.

My daily meditation practice of 30 years allows me to bask in pure consciousness, the vehicle from which I access the complete template of health. This is an energetic blueprint that exists outside of the physical realm. I am not my thoughts, my emotions, or my body. Higher Being bodies have formed to contain these levels of consciousness so that my body does not self-destruct. It is in these realms that I am working.

I am the divine light of consciousness accessing my perfect template of health.

I must make the diligent effort of dis-identifying with any thought form, period. All of my energy is going toward living in the divine light of consciousness in order to access this perfect template of health so that my body can reconstruct itself.

I cannot and will not entertain any doubt.

Once I decided that this was what I was going to do, there was no energy left for things that took away from that, like accommodating people and situations. Boundaries have become ironclad in order to be wide open to this level of consciousness. I am more susceptible under these conditions, especially to other people’s energy, and so I must put worldly matters, energetic vampires, self-centered individuals, and the like on the back burner while immersing myself in the divine light frequencies of higher consciousness.

This looks like being very choosy with whom I work, with whom and how I spend time, with how much energy I spend in social situations, with anything that can disrupt this field of consciousness.

All of my energy is being funneled into my healing process.

I am working with my sound bowls daily because it has shown great results so far. I feel a discernible difference in my body and mind when I practice the sound bowls in a one-on-one session, a sound bath, or my own personal healing. Vibrations, binaural beats, and energetic portals are what I use in my sound healing practice. These sessions have intensely up-leveled. They are more potent. My work in this arena has intensified.

I cannot help but feel I have been gifted with PD to understand how to overcome it, in order to help many other people.

I am working with esoteric healers, as I have been for years in my healing practice. They have made themselves known at this time regarding my health and are showing me the healing process.

I am also working to purify my diet and detox my body to the highest degree possible because I am convinced that the microbiome is involved. Our microbiomes reflect the biome of this planet, which is in complete disarray due to the use of pesticides, herbicides, glyphosates, and synthetic ingredients in processed food. Our guts are in direct relation to our planet, even if we have been adamant about eating organic whole foods.

On this journey so far, I have come to understand more clearly about living life to the fullest without wasting my time on petty issues. I no longer take anything for granted, like brushing my teeth, putting on a sweater, or walking the dog. I am fully in tune with my body and how it functions as if I were a visitor in it. I can stop a tremor with my full and unwavering attention.

I have gratitude for everything I do because…I can.
I do not suffer from tomorrow-itis. I seize the moment with all of my Being.
I feel fearless in every sense of the word even if sometimes I am feeling worse.

These are all things that a rounded spiritual practice should bring about anyway.

I am in deep gratitude for those who have shown that one can recover from PD and many other conditions that the allopathic community deems emphatically incurable. They are:
Howard Shiefke, Fighting Parkinson’s… And Winning
Bianca Molle, Make Time To Heal
John Pepper, Reverse Parkinson’s Disease
R.J Spina, Self Healing

I want to thank my earthly healing team with whom I consistently work, including:
Seattle Integrative Medicine: Dr. Samantha Evans
Tilia Natural Health: Dr. Laura Eastman
Artemesia Healing Arts: Jessica Timins, EAMP Acupuncture
Dr. Dick Shepherd, Network Chiropractic
Cedron Sterling, Myofascial Release, Herqalia Energy Healing
Michele Trump, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health, LMP
The Chi Center: Master Mingtong Gu, Qi Gong

Mostly, I maintain the deepest love and gratitude for my immediate family and my partner, Sean, who are supporting me in ways I did not think possible. They reiterate often that I am strong, I am loved, and I am healed.

I am wishing you all the best in 2024.

Molly Knight Forde


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