Going Forward Despite All Trepidation

Oct 01, 2019
Going Forward Despite All Trepidation


Going forward despite all trepidation means learning to live with fear. If we wait until there is no fear, it is not going to happen. Going forward and trying new things requires an acceptance of fear. That acceptance is fearlessness.

The future is unknown and common ground for all of us. Trust and faith are lacking in most of us, but when these two qualities are developed through small acts of risk, we then know what it is to act on faith. 

We act in spite of our fear.

The risk that it might not work is a factor that also has to be accepted. To boldly make mistakes allows us to learn to act in fear. They also teach us what not to do. They allow us to move out of stagnant waters.

If you have made a huge mistake lately, bravo. You are learning!!!

There is an infinite number of possibilities before any one of us. We may have a hunch of what to do and we may not. We may have desires for ourselves, but those goals and desires may not be in alignment with what will work.

The only way to know is to try it anyway.

Many things that have happened in my life recently highlight these ideas.

I continue to develop a physical space for our Awareness School. It has had an etheric space, an urban space, a rented space, and even a virtual space. With prudence and risk, we move forward, developing this beautiful piece of land with the school in mind. It could end up a complete failure, but we will deal with that if or when it happens.

We will have a nice place for ourselves or make a great profit on the land!!!

Something drives me forward, despite the fear of it working or not. I listen closely to spirit, because I have developed that ability over time. That ability was developed through a lot of mistakes, doing what I thought I should do, which has allowed me the possibility to distinguish between these two things.

So until we know whether it is spirit or ego, we have to do it anyway to know the difference. Both feel scary!!!

Going forward despite all trepidation means doing things we are not comfortable with doing. It means doing things before we think we are ready. It means trusting our own wisdom. It means learning that perfection is the enemy of the good.

We are capable of doing anything we put our minds to doing. The issue is learning to do that. If we wait until we are comfortable, it may never happen.

Sean and I built a small tiny house over the last two weekends. We downloaded plans from the internet, ordered all the materials, carried the stuff down to the site and went at it, laughing, cursing, fumbling and high-fiving. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we did it. 

For me, it was a microcosm of how life works.

Having struggled and succeeded, I now know I could make a really cool tiny house and I could do it myself if I had to. Cabins will be even easier. We started with no knowledge and came away knowing we could do it.

Isn’t everything in life this way?

So, I ask you, what are you waiting for?

Everything has some kind of risk from financial to professional, but if we don’t take the risks and feel full of fear, we will not progress. Every time we do this, we develop fearlessness, also known as, doing something anyway even though we are petrified.

I recently taught a full day seminar on music theory and binaural beats; a subject I know well, but had never taught in this particular format or for that sound healer audience. Was I nervous? Was I scared?


However, I came away knowing that I can do it, and it was quite successful. It could have been a flop, but I would have improved and tried again.

If you are offering a class or service and no one shows up, you must keep holding that space with faith that it will eventually happen because you are in alignment. If it doesn’t work after a good try, time to switch gears with some new iteration.

It is scary to fail. It doesn’t feel good. But what if failure is the only way through?

Each perceived failure is a rung on the ladder. Each rung had some kind of fear involved. Each uplevel always feels like that. There is always a way to improve, reinvent, or ditch.


Doing things full of fear is fearlessness despite what we all think that word means.

What are you going for these days? 

Are you willing to take that risk?

Can you pinpoint what is stopping you?

If it’s fear of something, then do it anyway.

I urge you to move forward despite all trepidation.

You won’t regret it.


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