Hieroglyphics, Patterns and Process

Apr 23, 2019
Hieroglyphics, Patterns and Process


Denderah Temple

One of the extraordinary experiences of seeing the temples and tombs of Egypt is taking in the hieroglyphs on an intuitive level as patterns and process. Keeping the more common and accepted interpretation of their meaning at bay while observing them allows for a unique learning experience.

These symbols can hit one at full force.

They hold greater meaning because they are images and not words thus transmitting hidden messages. Groups of images carry multi-dimensional significance derived from pattern, symbol, as well as our own personal experiential lens. Birds for example represent the human spirit, the Soul, ascendance, and expanded vision. This all comes from the notion of flight.

The dung beetle, known as the scarab, carries the meaning of renewal. This beetle rolls a ball of dung and lays its eggs in it.  The ball represents the sun and its creative force. The scarab represents regeneration. It holds the disc over its head like the Neters. Its shape also resembles the human brain which was also thought to be represented by the sun.

All of this combined points to the message of as above so below, the message that was reiterated to me over and over as I scanned the temples and tombs throughout Egypt.

I began to take in combined images as an energetic message that needed no explanation. They reached deep within me. Though they have been deciphered, there is a magical spiritual component to experiencing them. They spoke to me in another realm.

The Egyptian civilization was interested in conveying principles, patterns and processes.

Many images repeat themselves to make words. The hieroglyphs correspond to letters to create text for us to interpret, but the images create a larger story. Knowing the letters or translation isn’t necessary to take something in on an esoteric level.

Perhaps you have no interest in Egyptian hieroglyphics or any kind of ancient civilization, but Egypt has a mysterious and elevated quality to it. To immerse oneself in the wonder of that civilization’s sophistication is to begin to discover more about oneself and the civilization on planet Earth. Egypt is a part of us.

Egypt adheres to the principles of eternal life, reincarnation, and methods of transformation; therefore, spiritual seekers cannot reject the validity of studying these images.

I am convinced that there are comprehensible messages for those who can discern them. Pictures depicting higher levels of consciousness must be recognized, and are otherwise, interpreted on a mundane and literal level.  How those messages strike us depends on our level of understanding.

Specific tools used by the Neters portray methods of transformation.

These Neters (the Gods and Goddesses) show the hidden way to our freedom. The Neters themselves also represent aspects of our Higher Nature. Their attributes, gestures, size and position depict principles and processes, and we often see them in triads. They hold the “tools” to our freedom.

The ankh, for example, is one of those symbolic tools.

Simply looking at it, we see the human shape, the Golden mean, the perpendicular cross pieces representing physical life and spiritual life, the similarity to the Christian cross, the loop as a handle to be held like a key.  The ankh is seen in the hands of many Neters, from Sekhmet to Thoth, representing the key to eternal life. We as humans are the liaison between spirit and matter.

We are the alchemical shift that will elevate our planet into higher consciousness.

Eternal life and freedom from the constraints of this earthly life can be understood and experienced without our literal death. It requires certain spiritual phases that are a result of death we experience in life.

The blue lotus also seems to figure prominently in the Egyptian scheme.

It is known to have psychoactive properties, and so perhaps was another tool of transformation to open the heart and mind. It decorates the famous barges usually associated with the passage of death, but to me, it represents the esoteric journey to the soul that can be accessed during life.

Could it be that this boat, decorated with the blue lotus at each end, represented the spiritual journey of soul awakening?

The message I continually saw on the walls of the tombs and temples was one of this journey toward eternal life and higher consciousness.

The obsession with death was not necessarily to be taken literally, but spiritually, in which we aim for another kind of death within life. When taking this idea into consideration, many of the pictures on the wall begin to take on another hue.

The death of one part of us allows the flowering of permanent higher consciousness. That takes renewal (scarab), the keys to this process (the ankh), the opening of the heart and mind (blue lotus), and the natural activation of the pineal gland as a gateway (eye of Horus).

The eye of Horus, like all the other symbols I have mentioned, has been analyzed countless times.

It does not look unlike the side view of the central part of the brain which houses the pineal gland. Each of this symbol’s parts represents ratios that demonstrate how the Egyptians understood physics, symmetry, and geometry. They had a greater understanding of the cosmos and the human body through these ratios. These proportions are not random. Represented in each component of the eye of Horus are ½, 1/4, ⅛, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64.

My own spiritual process has surely influenced what caught my eye and how I saw it. Upon my return, I have awoken to symbols and messages that seem to be assembling a code portraying that experience.

I believe the Egyptians were depicting a spiritual journey for us to decipher in a way that can be discerned by those who can discern, thus leaving these precious jewels of wisdom protected from those who would abuse the power.

Like any legominism, it holds deeper meaning for us throughout time.

Sending best wishes this week.




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