In Search of a Hidden Teaching

Apr 06, 2022

Our recent trip to Egypt became a search for remnants of a lost teaching. We each carried an individual purpose, but shared a common goal.

Every trip to Egypt is different, and this time I focused on energetic cues from the temples, tombs and pyramids. Every sacred place inhabits an “energy” that can be detected through various means from kinetic phenomena to psychic download. One has to be open and aware, keenly aware, in order to sense the subtleties of these energies.

Each temple or tomb has guardians who are willing to lead you to places of energetic interest…for a price. I find that if I follow my gut, it takes me to just the right place. Of course, I am also testing places of resonance through humming and toning and feeling and sensing. I am listening to the walls and the stories on them. I have an eye for messages from the hieroglyphs. Sometimes I find myself taking a photo that, upon later scrutiny, fills in a piece of the puzzle.

That puzzle concerns the teachings of higher gradations of consciousness that access the permanency of our existence... eternal life. 

Everything is about transformation and eternal life in Egypt. The stories of death and rebirth can be taken literally, spiritually, or symbolically. Any Egyptologist will give you the history of this ancient land and the importance of each neter, the energy of the pantheon of gods and goddesses that play a part in the quest for eternal life.

The Neters will come to you if you are open to that. There was no exception on this trip. Each individual was touched by the energy of at least one Neter.

I will share some of the lost teaching I uncovered as time rolls out.

For now, I want to list some highlights of the journey that contributed to the accumulation of that knowledge.

With little rehearsal, we danced the Assyrian Women Mourners movement in the courtyard of the Philae temple with practically no one in sight. Many of us felt we had opened a portal for the women by doing this sacred ritual. In honor of Isis, we danced for all women and their emancipation. We mourned their plight in history and remembered deeply the power we share as high priestesses.

We had Abu Simbel all to ourselves. This gave us the opportunity to begin our journey with sound and energy. Many could see that sound is a central feature in Egyptian lore and mythology. The signs and symbols of rattles, cymbals, movement, and vibration are everywhere. To test the spaces for resonance was inspiring.

At Karnak, we asked a specific question to Ptah, the kundalini goddess Sekhmet, whose eyes spoke to each one of us in her private sanctuary. 

We found evidence of the enneagram at Dendarra and did a very sacred sufi dance in front of that building which has been recently uncovered. The men held a triangle around our circle as we turned and chanted zikr.

We were taken to some very sacred sites, hidden from the general public. They were ancient shrines of Isis. I was handed the key to unlock the doors at one of them because this is the protocol for the high priestess. The male guardians showed that respect. We toned in both of these sites and one with the bowls as well. I cannot describe the sense of gratitude and welcoming from all of the ancients. It was as if they sent a message that they had been waiting for this for a very long time. Everyone was affected by these events.

Throughout our journey we worked on toning and listening. I could feel the depth of our process as the toning became more unified. The men held beautiful low basenotes that weighted us on the earth. The womens’ harmony and overtones swirled into the spaces, dematerializing the walls. We moved into realms beyond understanding. The teachings reside in these hidden places that are not accessible by ordinary means.

Let me now say something about energy which was my original setpoint. I could feel myself preparing energetically for some time before departing on this trip. Upon arrival, I immediately dropped into a kind of electrical current that I had experienced from the last trip. Between the jetlag and the mystery of the white desert, I found myself in a place outside of time and space within the second day. Wandering that landscape set the tone for the rest of my personal adventure.

Each day added to this “electricity” and my groundedness enhanced the ability to hold more and more. I was often at a loss for words, but had increasing sensitivity to different shades of energy. This energy began to inform me of the ever more subtle but enhanced  kundalini forces which can awaken if one is prepared. That preparation concerns feeding higher being bodies which sustain this higher frequency of energy that would burn out a human body very quickly.

The Egyptian teachings point to the development of this energy body which transcends the life and death of our human body. 

We interspersed our temple visits with days in nature. We spent the first night in the white desert. Later in the trip we sailed on the Nile and slept on grand cushions on the deck of the boat. We were guided by a celestial wonderland as we hiked up Mt. Sinai and we swam in the Red Sea for rebirth and renewal the next day. Each place replenished us in so many ways.

Finally, we ascended the Great Pyramid, reserved solely for our group for two hours at sunset on the new moon in Aries, marking the beginning of the zodiacal year. We had five bowls and our beautiful toning that filled the space with energy…big energy. There was a column that opened and gave us understanding of all humanity. We were transmuted by this energy. We awakened DNA. 

It was beyond anything I could have imagined in my life.

And now the spiral back into this time-space continuum begins. It may take each one of us time to get back to reality and we will never return to how we were. I come back with a new level of understanding that I know will roll out with time. Something has been activated in me and I know it. I think many of the travelers with me would agree that none of us will ever be the same

Egypt does that.  


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