Mindfulness: The Buzzword of Last Decade

Jan 08, 2020
Mindfulness: The Buzzword of Last Decade


There is so much to mindfulness…the buzzword of last decade. This concept has come to the forefront of mainstream “self-help” and so it is important to understand the meaning behind it. When a spiritual concept goes mainstream, it can get very diluted.

In this video, I explain how mindfulness is not thinkfulness. As I look around, I see mindfulness being taught as focus and that will not get you very far in developing awareness. The more you practice mindfulness, the more frequently you will find yourself “waking up.” We must always be oriented to a waking state, a rare occurrence in the beginning of a practice. In order to do that, there must be a realization that most of the time we are in a sleeping state.

The sleeping state can be described as going about daily life without an awareness of our awareness and deep in our thinking. We can go many many days without “waking up.” Those waking moments are few and far between. As long as you are developing focus of thought, you remain in thought and not wakefulness.

Check out what mindfulness actually means and why practicing it is important for your transformation.


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