More On Self-Observation

Feb 05, 2020
More On Self-Observation


The ability to observe oneself is so important for our conscious evolution both as individuals and as a collective.

Let’s discuss Self-observation and how it is a misunderstood concept. If we think we can already observe ourselves, we are missing out on a key component of our transformation. It is usually our thinking labeling our action that is our limited perception we think is Self-observation. We are convinced that we are seeing what is actually going on within us without much effort at all.  Because we can articulate it and label it, we think we have observed it.

I am referring to something much much more when I speak of Self-observation.

Our thinking labels and analyses, and when we do that, we think we have the impression that we are observing something objectively within us. Believing we are experiencing objective self-observation when we are not is the pitfall and the danger of so called “spiritual inquiry.”

When we start to question and experiment with new ways and, in fact, very ancient ways of bringing about presence and integration that enable us to truly observe an inner state, progress can be made. 

We have the chance to see ourselves in a completely new way. But if we don’t question that from the get go, we rob ourselves of learning more. We will continue to think we are observing ourselves and yet nothing really changes.

An established observer is able to take in newer and more broad impressions of our inner states.  We see things we could not see before. This is life changing because when we can learn to observe without changing anything or correcting or suppressing or repressing, and so we learn to experience self-acceptance. We are never the same.

This is why we work toward presence, because presence requires something more of us and brings us into a position of transcendence.

It takes much more than thought, and so, by very intentional and specific means that I teach in my classes and one on ones, we gain the ability to observe ourselves in a way that we could not before. It is the way of attaining presence so that the observer comes alive.

We have to learn how to observe ourselves.

Many people who have experienced something of this nature feel they have come into Universal mind when perhaps it is simply us… unified and coming into the way we were meant to be as humans.  In fact, this is us in the very beginning, able to see who we are and what the world is like. 

With this ability to see, we feel we have more insight or intuition. When we practice self-observation, we accumulate more consciousness. With that accumulation, we have the possibility of breaking into a much more permanent freedom in the Heart Mind…Universal Mind.

There is a rhyme and reason to the process. We must be very careful and constantly question our experience. There are certain specific things that must be present in order to observe oneself, otherwise, it is just our thinking going on about its merry way and causing a heap of trouble in our lives.


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