My Intimate Relationship with Sound Healing

Apr 29, 2021
My Intimate Relationship with Sound Healing


I have a long and intimate relationship with sound.

From as early as I can remember, sound was my predominant sense, so much so that I often asked “Did you hear that?” but no one did…

I loved choir. I loved the records my father played in the house. My grandmother forced me to listen to the metropolitan opera on Saturday afternoons, but I must admit I did not love this. I love all kinds of music, but I had a fascination with sound. Nature sounds, echoes in a canyon, the rhythm of ocean waves, dolphin language, birds of every sort, neighborhood dog sentinels, crickets, crickets, crickets on the hot nights in Florida, and thunder.

I loved the overtones my voice could make in resonant spaces, whistling, camp songs and rounds, the timbre of people’s conversation, poetry, harmony sung with my family members at every childhood holiday I can ever remember. 

I come from a family of musicians and music lovers.

There is no surprise I earned postgraduate degrees in classical piano performance.

Classical piano music is complex, structured, disciplined, emotional, transcendent, and magical. The repertoire is so vast that I could never have possibly learned it all in even two lifetimes. It has absorbed my life on every level, in my heart and soul, on stages of the world, and with hundreds and hundreds of piano students over 30 years. 

My life has been about the art of making beautiful sounds.

I know how to play it, enjoy it, listen to it, and teach it.

Something happened to me when I found the crystal alchemy singing bowls. Something mystical came in with them, and something mysteriously mystical comes in for others when I hold space with the bowls. Their sound creates an atmosphere of divine mystery. They are vehicles, like all instruments, but their overtones and imprecise tonal quality allow one to sway out of the realm of exactitude. 

With the bowls, there is binaural alchemy.

Therefore, I find myself immersed in overtones, binaural beats, harmony, and the play my voice has upon those tones. There are waves upon waves of sound overlapping like ripples in a pond when various stones are dropped in. Even raindrops on water create this pattern. That is what I am listening to.

When the art of listening has been refined over a long period of time, detecting the subtleties of wave interaction becomes a possibility and a point of focus. 

I am hearing sounds bounce off of sounds. In fact, I am lost in the atmospheres those sounds are creating, and it is a trance. My voice is part of that too. It no longer is about beautiful music but making those waves create something. 

I am hearing various types of binaural beats and I have come to recognize exactly which kind is which, whether that be beta or theta. I am making resolutions of binaural beats, which means I am bringing the harmony back to alignment. I am doing this in conjunction with the clients that are present, whether that be individual or in a collective sound bath, whether that is in person or online. 

With the vast possibility of multiple binaurals and their resolution, a system is born.

There is much written on the use of binaural beats and how the brain entrains to those beats. I have written several articles on this subject as well as Jonathan Goldman and other esteemed sound practitioners and scientists working in the world of sound. The science of sound is only just beginning to be discovered. Though sonograms have been used for decades, there are experiments being done with sonic levitation, sonic pulverization, and the effective use of binaurals on the brain, the nervous system, the emotions, the hormones, the endocrine system, bones, cancer, and general well being. For more on binaurals and sound bowl magic, read my collection of articles Sound Bowl Wisdom Collection.

So when I say there is binaural alchemy with these crystal singing bowls, I mean that there is a way for this sound to assist in holding space, break up energetic blocks, fuse bones, restore emotional well-being, eliminate insomnia, help people enter theta states for shamanic journey or just relaxation, place someone outside of time and space, and contact other lifetimes. This may seem like a panacea, but I have experienced these myself. I have documented notes from hundreds of clients who have experienced all of these things.

This brings me to another aspect of using the bowls.

These phenomena also depend on the player of the bowls and their ability to hold space and to access fusion of intent with the sound.

I am listening to something far beyond when I play these bowls. I am creating a vortex not only with my intention and my Being but with those who work with me. The sound is a vehicle for the miracle. This goes well beyond the science of things. This is where there is an intention to hold space for the healing to happen. This is the space for the etheric Healers to do their thing.

When someone put these bowls in my hands, I did not know about this.

The Healers made themselves known to me, so all I can say upon them and they will do the work for you. I do believe one has to develop the ability to hold space, to maintain attention and connection, and to learn about what the sound is actually doing. Just getting a set of bowls and ringing them will do a lot for anyone’s well-being, but if you are going to be a sound healer, it is advisable to learn about the tools in your hands. 

Perhaps thirty years of daily meditation has helped with this aspect of holding space, but I don’t think anyone has to wait that long to work in this way.

The mystery of the bowls, the science of binaurals and me the practitioner all play a hand in this healing scenario. How each contributes to such deep healing continues to be my research and my gift. I did not choose it. It chose me, and so my intimate relationship with sound continues to unfold. 

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