Our Ultimate Wholeness Takes Responsibility and Acceptance

Nov 26, 2019
Our Ultimate Wholeness Takes Responsibility and Acceptance


Responsibility, acceptance, and our ultimate wholeness are key factors in changing our illusion of separation. Those illusions create a world of fear and discord which we are experiencing on a grand scale at this time in history.

Becoming whole creates a world where duality is resolved, where we see others not as different or enemy or something to be exploited or exploited by, but as the same. The only way for this to happen is for us to take responsibility and learn to accept the enemy within ourselves.

Our world of duality stems from unconsciously pushing and maintaining parts of ourselves in the shadows. It is mechanistic, conditioned behavior that has allowed us to survive but not thrive. Dualism justifies our impulse to destroy life and hurt one another on all levels. Conscience does not regulate our actions in this case. Racism, sexism, domination and planetary destruction are its symptoms.

When we cannot take up the work of inner transformation and restoration to wholeness, we live in fear, isolation and conflict. We project what we have hidden in our own shadows onto others. We become more and more divided by class, gender, ethnicity, religion, politics, and sexual orientation, for example.  

Our fragmentation creates the hologram of our world.

All around I see people trying to solve the problem of discrimination by treating the symptoms instead of the cause. As soon as we realize it is an inside job, things will change. The world as we see it is a reflection of our inner landscape. The world of hate, of right and wrong, of fear and discord feeds our fragmentation and is a result of it! 

Living on equal footing in harmony with others cannot occur unless individuals become whole and stop projecting their shadow onto groups of people.  

Taking responsibility means learning how to see these illusions within ourselves. To intentionally begin requires us to accept and investigate that there are conflicting parts within us that we do not recognize. We certainly know the feelings of fear and inadequacy that create all kinds of problems for us. We act in ways we don’t really want to because of those feelings. 

We have to learn to see more through the work of presence and developed attention. 

Once we gain some traction with seeing conflicting parts in action, we have to intentionally struggle within to hold those conflicting parts in front of us. This is not by ordinary means. We have to develop skills to do this. It is what brings light to the shadow. 

Self-acceptance can only occur when the light shines on aspects of ourselves that we don’t want to see and we learn to not judge those aspects. 

With all of our active efforts, something in the world of Love, outside of us and out of our control meets us. We learn that to accept these parts of ourselves with love brings about a kind of strength and freedom. That fortitude manifests in the ability to choose. Our wholeness makes us vehicles for the light.

I am not saying that we become all perfect and positive. I am saying that as we accept the conflict within, and clearly see the parts that don’t sync up with the image we have maintained, then the image of ourselves changes. We become less identified with what we wish to believe is true instead of what is true. We see the self-loathing and the feelings of inadequacy for what they are. 

We no longer hide those parts in the shadow, but assimilate them through acceptance. The ego doesn’t have to keep up its front once we have integrated by seeing.

To accept oneself is to see the ego’s narrative in action through extraordinary means.

That acceptance of self allows us to accept others.


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