Our Work, Hyparxis, and the Higher Centers

May 31, 2018
Our Work, Hyparxis, and the Higher Centers


Entering Higher Centers and experiencing states of hyparxis require diligent work on our part. It is where the real work of repairing the past and preparing the future can begin.

Hyparxis is a term J. G. Bennett used to refer to a realm outside of time and space.

This is not a realm that is easily accessible, but something that one encounters later on the path of transformation. Here the present moment incorporates both the future and the past to be experienced as a unified field or field of information.

Bennett defined hyparxis as the ableness to be and his notion of the information field can be summed up in terms of energy, matter, form and time. An act requires energy and hyparxis is the place of the undetermined. It is hard for us to imagine things outside of linear time but we can see events as having potentiality.

It takes some kind of act to initiate energy, which then can create something. There has to be a “body” or vehicle for that energy and some kind of form, like thought to help drive it. We create our world on every level in this way.

We also acquire spiritual bodies to house our soul in this way.

These forms or “bodies” connect us to Higher Centers and allow the creative impulse to come through us. This strata of form is how higher consciousness is sustained.

We have to earn this connection or else we would crystallize in our very mechanical form. Pushing to open to higher centers before one’s conditioning is in check is crazy-making. It is precisely for this reason that connection like this doesn’t happen naturally or easily before we are ready.

There are many who try to force this opening only to cement their Personality and all its conditioned habits and attached roles.

To be in the creative realm of hyparxis requires our diligent work of recognizing False Personality and the Many destructive I’s that compete for space within us. Those “I”s must be seen for what they are through the lens of Self-observation so we can separate from them. Once we are able to see them in action again and again, we have a magnetic center strong enough to endure intentional suffering.

What exactly is meant by intentional suffering?

How can we understand how to work with negative emotion in order to reach these Higher Centers and experience hyparxis?

Intentional Suffering is the basis of our transformational work. It means observing our mechanical suffering in the form of negative emotion over and over again. When we struggle to see negative emotion for what it is, instead of labeling it as “feelings” we need to feel, we will have the strength to catalyze the influx of Higher Forces.

Seeing negative emotion for what it is enables us to know how utterly mechanical and unconscious we are. That kind of maintained attention to see is energy toward the formation of a magnetic center that collects bits of consciousness. Seeing our habitual addiction to our own suffering allows us to see the human condition and how we are all a part of that. No exceptions. It allows us to see that we are all mechanical and the same.

To continually strive to see this within ourselves will propel us forward. The more we see this entrapment, the freer we become and the true healing can then begin in higher centers.

Opening to higher consciousness and accessing the Hyparchic Future requires diligent work on our part. It requires us to live vigilantly in the present to see what is occurring within us at any given time.

We don’t really want to do that kind of work.

It takes effort to create a vehicle for a new energy within us. We don’t want to deal with the mundane in a way that can break open our higher experience. We seem to want the direct higher experience and lots of shortcuts to it. Unfortunately, our impatience is our downfall to attaining that freedom.

We assist these openings to happen in proper timing by doing the work of intentional suffering. We consistently make efforts on a daily basis to let go of our mechanical nature. Without that proper foundation, any opening is a dangerous affair.

Our ambitious ego takes hold and wants it now. 

Doing the every day, minute-by-minute work of seeing our automatic reactions and relentless conditioning will add up to access to this realm of Hyparxis. There we truly can repair the past and prepare the future in a present moment.

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