Polarization to Point Zero

Mar 03, 2021
Polarization to Point Zero


Polarization to Point Zero describes our ascent to Higher Consciousness.

We can look at it from the point of view of energy moving from dispersed to unified and apply the theorem to our own transformation. The further we are from Unitive Divine Consciousness, point zero, the more we experience isolation and the belief that we ourselves are separate entities, disconnected from the whole. 

Our movement toward wholeness gradually employs energy that is more and more unifying. It brings us to a wider consciousness and connection.

We can be anywhere on this spectrum for it is a spectrum. Conjure images that exemplify varying degrees of dispersed energy that come from a unified source. Sun rays emanate from the sun. White light divides into prismatic color. White noise striates into measurable hertz frequency. Possibility manifests as a single occurrence. Life is experienced in linear fashion. Awareness is limited to conditioned thought.

We can have isolated experiences of unity with God, with deep connection, with empathy and still be operating at a relatively low dispersed frequency. More frequent occurrences of connection are due to an increase in cohesive energy that stabilize our ability to hold a higher “frequency” on the spectrum 

We are all at varying degrees of this spectrum of consciousness.

If we are living in the opposite place of point zero, where non-personal consciousness exists, fear of separation influences our actions. We strongly sense “other” and feel polarized from belonging. In extremes, we have no tolerance for difference because difference is a threat to our very narrow sense of identity. We become individual points far from the zero point of unity outside of space and time. Space and time result from our limited awareness of existence itself. We spend lots of time in the past and future. We cannot fathom the quantum field and infinite possibility happening simultaneously in the now. 

We have to keep in mind that we are of this world and human. Our purpose is to be the liaison between point zero and polarization. As we move toward unity and higher dimensional consciousness, we begin to live life in a different way and under fewer laws. We experience freedom from fear of isolation and are completed by Divine Love which then influences and enables choice, empathy, and connection. We are able to access the unity of consciousness as individual entities.

Under fewer laws, the light of consciousness enters our narrow existence.

Sufis often refer to experiencing this phenomenon as the Unity and Diversity of all things. There is a reconciliation of opposites through the flowering of higher consciousness and one can know both diversity and unity simultaneously. The duality of our egoistic nature is diminished.  Our faculty for discrimination is broadened and strengthened outside of the confines of this duality. We no longer fluctuate between yes and no...but experience only what is by holding both the yea and no in front of us. We thus gain the capacity to accept what is without feeling that our identity is threatened. It is no longer personal. In this place, we are closer to understanding our participation in the quantum field of possibility through choice in a present moment.

The importance of experiencing the unity and diversity of all things is that we have a foothold in both places. We do not move from one level to another like floors in an elevator. This is too linear of a perspective. We gain a unified awareness, existing under fewer laws, but we still also exist in our diversified individual nature. We manifest the Unity Consciousness into diversified life. Like fractals, all aspects of life include this Unity Consciousness. We live at a higher frequency of the spectrum, yet can perceive the slower “colors”.

The more we are attached to our identity, the more we live in the world of polarization.

The further we are from Unitive Energy, the Divine Light of Consciousness, the more we are caught in the laws of conditioning. The dominance of our lower nature is reflected to the degree that we are attached to our identity. Identity is a separate sense of self. We come into this world as divine light and diversify into a human body. Conditioning facilitates adaptive behavior that buffers the fear of isolation that we experience as this dispersed energy far from point zero. Our journey is to find our way back to the Divine Light of Consciousness of which we are made while in this human experience of separation from it.

When unifying with Divine Consciousness, we are not ascending out of our bodies with some floaty feeling of being detached from life and moving into another dimension. I hear that a lot these days when people are discussing 5-D. We simply gain more freedom from conditioning and the many laws which govern that state.

Experiencing the opening of higher centers (consciousness that allows us to experience greater unity) and still live a diversified human experience allows us to encompass both the unity and diversity of all things.

To work with this in everyday life, we must see our separation and connection simultaneously over and over. We start with developing awareness that can spot inner conflict until we gain enough cohesive energy to actually hold a more refined struggle. We can look for our unskillful and consistent behavior that is a direct result of the fear of separation.  We look for our own conditioning and that which keeps us reaching to others to complete us. We begin to see a common thread throughout our relationships and our life circumstances. A more unified field of awareness then forms and can feed our Higher Nature, that which is connected to all things. 

It then becomes a very different kind of struggle.

Our journey toward Unity is then facilitated by choices that are unfettered and unmotivated by any kind of fear of separation. In this case, our awareness develops into something that is part of Awareness itself, not our personal awareness, but a consciousness that has both ascending and descending capacity. It is reciprocal and reconciling where duality no longer has a place. 

We are then able to live as individual human beings unified with the divine impulse of love. That strengthens our capacity to “vibrate” at higher frequencies that are bending toward point zero, white light, the quantum field of higher dimensions where reality is outside of time and space, outside of the dualistic egoistic format...but we have become humans of fulfilled potential.


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