Our Role in Reciprocal Maintenance of the Planet

Jun 06, 2017


We don’t know our role here on planet earth.

We don’t know our purpose.

We do not see ourselves as part of a whole system and thus we suffer tremendously and continue to destroy our own resources. Whether it is a result of some catastrophe not according to law as Gurdjieff put it or something else, it is clear that something is afoot.

We eat live things not dead things and so, in order to survive we destroy part of life on earth. As we feed off of life on earth, we also must pay a price for the debt of our existence. We believe we are at the top of the food chain with no regard to the evolution of a sustainable system.

Surely there is something more for us to understand about our place in the universe.

In the cosmology of Gurdjieff, our evolution as humans provides reciprocal maintenance with the substance of the earth. We are able to transform energies because of our consciousness and free will. It is our role to evolve enough to contribute to an ever-sustaining planet. This comes in the form of advancing and upleveling our consciousness in order to feed the Earth and replenish what we have taken from it. Our energetic transformation is part of the necessary maintenance, otherwise, we produce food for the moon. (more on that later)

He presents a threefold value system, namely:

Human’s concern with their own welfare in light of their mortality. Humans place in nature and the obligation that entails our supernatural obligation to fulfill the purpose for which we exist.

Let’s explore further.

Everything is connected and systems support one another. How could we be outside of that loop? Our self-importance keeps us blind to this connection and purpose in the scheme of this maintenance. When we destroy the elements of nature, we must “energetically pick up the slack” that that element served. As animals go extinct, we involve and sink lower in the chain. We become animal-like in our behavior and in our emotions.

Everything has a purpose including humans. We are three-brained beings capable of transforming energy, unlike animals and plants. When we work consciously, transforming energies, we feed the system and contribute to our own self-transformation. This is the goal and purpose of the grand experiment of Earth in Mr. G’s eyes.

Our sense of entitlement is our downfall. We believe that the earth was made for us but in fact, the opposite is true. We are three-brained beings with a moving center, an emotional center, and a thinking center. We feed off of the two and one-brained beings below us in the chain. Each stratum of energetic sophistication encompasses the previous ones. We may feel we are at the top of the food chain, but the Law of Reciprocal Maintenance says otherwise.

“The sting of the doctrine consists in the inclusion of man as a class of beings ‘whose lives also serve for maintaining something great or small in the world.” - J. Bennett

Our transformation of energy serves as a catalyst. We can choose to live and die without making any effort toward our evolution. In this case, we simply die and involuntarily give off energy for the planet We can, however, voluntarily produce finer energy while we are alive to feed a larger system. In doing so, we also contribute to our own eternal life. That eternal life is not a given as professed in all religious dogma. That dogma in a way lets us off the hook.

When we extract minerals from the earth with no regard for the consequences, we destroy a necessary balance in the ecosystem. When we cut trees down and pollute the waters, we are destroying life in its delicate balance. We live with no respect for this balance, but we must consume in order to survive.

How could we think that we can feed off and destroy certain elements in the balance and not think that there is nothing for us to serve? How can we so easily ignore our own self-destruction?

“Under the primary law of conservation of matter, the conditioned universe manifests loss of order and final dissolution with the passage of time; but Gurdjieff taught that high-level energy is generated at an unconditioned level of being as a corrective to the process of entropy, and this energy makes evolution possible.” - Bennett

The fact that our inner work toward higher consciousness could contribute to the regeneration of the planet may seem like a far reach, but if we look at ourselves as transformers capable of involution and evolution of energies, we can see that we humans play a part in the system. Our evolution creates a higher frequency that will sustain the planet instead of destroying it. Otherwise, we too will experience a mass extinction in order to involuntarily feed a system out of balance.

Have a great week.



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