Resonance and The Holy Frequencies

Apr 19, 2022

My recent sound experiments and explorations in Egypt continue to inform my understanding of esoteric realms and their resonance. 

There are Holy Frequencies that exist in our world as universal truth, measurable by mathematical recurring sequences and seen in the physical form as Sacred Geometry. When we see this physical form throughout nature, we know that it relates to our lives in mysterious ways. 

We know symmetry and pattern are part of a Divine Resonance. 

We can see the Fibonacci series displayed in phenomena of all sorts from shells and plants to outer space. We see the Golden Mean in Nature and in the human body, in sacred construction and ancient sites. All physical properties can be related to frequency and resonance. Whether we know it or not, we are immersed in energy that we actually can see and hear. 

We know that sound is physical waves created in varied frequencies and light is a faster version of that. 

Therefore, resonance is the key to our understanding and participation with the seen and unseen world.

With these premises, I sought to discover what happens when we match resonance with the resonance of a physical space. Like a key, it unlocks certain mystical doors to greater realms of consciousness. We can hear the fundamentals present, but it is also possible to match the flavor of their overtones. 

Even unskilled sound people can detect resonance. Certain tones resonate and echo in a space more fully and more wholly. I urge you to try toning or humming in different spaces in your own home. The shower is often your most sacred space for physical reasons like tile plus water plus the proximity of walls. 

When sound bounces off things in just the right way, it gets amplified. In large cavernous spaces it echoes; traveling great distances before bouncing back to us. Great cathedrals come to mind. I have toned and performed in cathedrals from St Patrick’s to Notre Dame and everywhere in between as a crazy toning fool, a classical pianist, an accompanist for an international touring choir, and now as a sound healer. 

I can now add the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid to that list. 

There is something that I am learning firsthand regarding places having specific resonant frequencies that awaken certain phenomena. One has to hit the sweet spot so to speak and in order to do so, one must know what a sweet spot sounds like and looks like.

To say that synesthesia has kicked into high gear for me is an understatement. 

I not only see colors with sound, but also fractals and moving geometry. My hearing has become an experience in delineating bouncing overtones, and the subsequent created waves that ripple over one another like the flower of life. Overtones from my voice can collide with several overtones from the bowls and create a third sound ( also a third geometric pattern). 

Through all of this I have become aware of certain creative forces, fundamentals shared that when locked together create openings and greater possibilities. When generated frequencies match the frequency of a sacred space, something phenomenal can occur. 

I kept getting closer and closer to this as I toned in various places throughout Egypt. Our group toning together often found the sweet spot which made me realize that in nature, we will entrain to the natural atmospheric frequency. Think of breaking a glass with sound or levitating with sound (of which I have done both by the way). It happens because the overtones of the fundamental match the physical resonance of the object. 

Obviously, we aren’t going to break a room into bits especially if it is made of pink granite, but we are going to have an expansion occur when we match the frequency of that physical space. 

Many travelers spoke of this when toning in the sarcophagus (a sound chamber unto itself)  in the Great Pyramid. When the group hit just the right tone, something happened to them physically and beyond. The same effect happened to us when toning in the chamber itself. At first, we were matched to the bowls and then something shifted for us. I noticed that one of the bowls was particularly resonant and more so than the others.

On our final round of toning, I let the bowls die down and we entrained to the resonance of the space. This is when it happened. The geometry was flying all over the room as we opened another sacred dimension.  This dimension allowed a creative force to take place in each one of us, whether that was perceived by the participants or not. 

I can assure you that no one was unaffected by this experience. For some, it was immediate and for some, it will be a gradual rollout of a new way of life. 

It was one of the highlights of my life.


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