Shape Shifting

Sep 18, 2018
Shape Shifting


The last two mornings have been too powerful to not write about. This is about my dreams and the shape-shifting experience.

There has been a lot of news about the orcas: the dead baby being carried for over two weeks; the plight of the J-Pod; and the sickness and probable death of J-50.

We in our group have had sightings of whales on multiple ferry crossings to San Juan Island, retreat home of The Awareness School. The energy of the orcas is pervasive in the San Juan Islands in general.

When all of these things came together in my dreaming experience, it sent a hair-raising message to me that I want to relay to you.

Despite all conscious influences, these lucid dreams that occur just on the other side of consciousness in the early morning for me are worth describing. This is where the worlds collide conscious and unconscious. When a dream feels this real and this acute, it is more than a dream. It is a connection to something beyond my understanding.

As I fell back asleep two days ago in the wee hours of the morning, I felt as though I were seeing some google earth map where I descended into the waters. A current blinking light even showed my actual physical location, like a “You Are Here” beacon. However, I was not there in my consciousness.

I was in the warm waters near Puerto Rico, able to see the landmass of the United States, Cuba, and the Caribbean Islands.  Though impossible, I was able to experience the curve of the Earth and see all of these things plus the blinking light of my actual physical location far away.

I was aware of the frigidity of the water which made no sense to me since I was in these Gulf Stream waters. I tasted metal in my mouth. I was aware of a chaotic fear permeating the water.

Suddenly, a pod of Orcas passed on either side of me, some touching me with their slick sides and carrying me in the current. I felt their mighty presence and their urgent need to communicate.

It may seem obvious to many of you that they are trying to communicate with us and have been trying for some time. They have breached calves in unusual places close to heavily inhabited inlets and coastlines. They have made their presence known in these times of tragic whale deaths. Never before have we seen a whale grieve the death of a baby for so long, carrying it on her nose.

It was almost as if she was showing the world and asking us to pay attention.

The death of J-50 was especially tragic because she was a young female carrying hopes of breeding for the species to increase.

The orcas are dying off. They invited me to share their experience. I woke up.

The next morning, I found myself swimming in whale consciousness without the normal sights and senses of the previous dream.  I was a whale and I knew it. I was unfettered and free-swimming at high speed in the water. I began to understand the higher consciousness of the whale. They are place-holders on the planet.

As the top of this food chain goes extinct, they heighten their message and purpose for the planet. They are like us in many ways with high intelligence, sophisticated vehicles of communication, and stewardship of the planet. I had the sense that they are waiting for us to enter the subtle psychic connection to feel the situation from a different perspective.

Because they are at the top of the chain, they are consuming highly concentrated pesticides, herbicides and poisons from our waterways, just like us. They are starving from our overfished waters.

Their Orca eminent extinction, not unlike the bees, is a clear sign for us as a species. Our interdependent existence is inextricable. We will not be able to continue the balance of life in artificial ways with which human logic will compensate. That very reasoning has made us forget about certain powers we need to use at this time.

It is the way of the whale.

I felt immersed in a love I have never experienced before, all-encompassing and absolutely pure. It felt assured and very peaceful. I had the sense that this is what they experience constantly. This was all in the dream. There were no words, just an experience of togetherness, its importance, and what that feels like.

The “pod” was emphasized, a place in which everyone is taken care of.  We have a responsibility to arrive at that deeper understanding. The sense of support, love and care is what holds all systems in place. I was a part of their “pod” so that I could feel the difference between what we know as humans and what they know.

They will have to sacrifice their existence as stewards so that we may learn the very thing they embody, being good stewards of community. This becomes a very high-stakes food we must absorb. Our inability to learn this will kill them among other species so that we might see that we are killing ourselves.

Let the whale consciousness come into us at this time Dear Lord.

Let us learn the true lesson of taking care of our “pods.”

We can become whole through family, friends, and communities together.

Let us see how we isolate ourselves from the needs of the planet.

Show us the way to see our non-human brothers and sisters as an integral part of us.

Let us understand greed and the consequences of our actions regarding the land, the soil and its relations to the waters.

Let us see how our stewardship affects all life.

All life is one:

Everything that lives is holy,

Plants, Animals and Humans.

Each must eat to live and nourish one another.

Bless the lives that have died to give us our food.




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