Serving A Greater Spiritual Purpose

Jun 14, 2022

The Fourth Way describes a psychokinetic society that works on the principle of accelerated transformation. A school like this forms out of a need and exists to provide conditions for evolution. The initiative must come from the seekers. This initiative can come from a need of the people, of the energy of the teaching, or even a need of the planet at this time. 

Together, working as a group we access something more…something often not accessible through individual work. Its members are able to accelerate with this greater spiritual substance available.

Secrets of transformation come into sight and are released to serve a greater purpose. 

The teaching is living and it needs a vehicle from which to enter the world. Those that can see this and recognize this, join because it is fulfilling this need. In so far as this community itself is made of sincere seekers, then the school can fulfill the need. 

Psychokinetic is a specific fourth-way term referring to a spiritual body of society made of people who are actively on the path and in the process of transformation.  It is not psychostatic in which the members are not concerned with any movement of the soul and are content to remain inwardly the same. 

It is important for a psychokinetic community to operate from an active “do” where the seekers understand the need that the school is serving and together hold the energy with each other.

This kind of community is not leaderless where everything is leveled to a common denominator. It is democratic in that the community members place trust and respect in those who fulfill their roles. There are those who have direct perception and can hold an energy as Initiates, those who can teach as Counsellors, those who are Specialists in different areas, and those who are on the path as Candidates of the Work.  

These are stages of transformation that represent the psychokinetic realm.

In other words, this kind of school cannot be dependent on a certain personality or guru. If the leaders are fueling everything, it starts from a passive “do”, and will always depend on them. making it all happen.

J. G. Bennett was brilliant in delineating the teachings of Gurdjieff’s schematic of a healthy spiritual community. There are levels below called psychostatic and there are also levels above called psychotelios which include Saints, Guides, Prophets, and Messengers. 

The psychostatic group evolves at the pace of humanity at large. They don’t really aspire to anything regarding transformation. They are carried by the mainstream of life.

This upper tier, the psychotelios, are people of a truly transformed Nature. Their behavior and presence lie outside of the conditioned world. They could be recognized or unrecognized. They are connected at an unseen level and are channels in that they manifest high concentrations of creative energy that helps renew consciousness on the planet. 

Here is a direct description of J. G. Bennett from Needs of a New Age Community:

Saints: This is the highest level that can be reached by the development of an ordinary person. People reach the pyshotelios order when their egoism dies.
Guides: These people were probably destined to be guides before they were born, but they still have to reach it through their own transformation. 
Prophets: there is a distinction in the bible between major and minor prophets. The major ones are sent by God. These top two levels of a spiritual society are not reached from below.
Messengers: the messenger is the very word of God and transmits a revelation.

The development of such a community forms out of a need derived from humankind at certain specific times and this is certainly one of them. We are at a critical point in the evolution of this planet. Most of us can feel the explosive shifts. We must be grounded in substantial higher forces to withstand the changes and assist in the process. 

There is a necessity at this time to form these communities.


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