Surrendering to the Journey Beyond Time and Space

May 26, 2021
Surrendering to the Journey Beyond Time and Space


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As a spiritual teacher, I am most interested in assisting people to access the Divine Impulse of Love. With my students, I am watching their transformation journey, and their ability to accumulate higher concentrations of energy by forming a higher being body. I am also watching their potential to access the energetic world of Spirit through shamanic journeying.

Because my training is diverse, I use a two-pronged approach. One is training in the realm of awareness, attention, discipline, meditation, and the ability to maintain presence out in the world. The other is the ability to cut loose and travel the Nagual Spaces (nonmaterial)  of the shamanic world.

Accessing the Divine Impulse requires both discipline and surrender.

Over the last 28 years, I have encountered students whose weakness is maintaining discipline of practice and those whose block is cutting loose. There are those who fall anywhere between these two poles.

The ability to allow oneself to journey requires fully letting go of the logical mind that keeps us squarely in reality. This is why so many people use psychotropic plants to assist. Plant medicine keeps the left brain from questioning whether a journey is real or not. To be able to journey without plant medicine develops another part of us. It requires surrender, letting go, and can result in permanent transformation. Instead of waking from a dream and gradually seeing it fade away, one remains in touch with the impulse. 

It means this can be done without plant medicine.

As a shamanic sound practitioner, I hold vectors open with sound. The sound serves in assistance like the plants. It is a technique that is being taught to me etherically. One could almost think of it as opening portals to energetic spaces, wormholes so to speak, mind in a theta state, and so the traveler can see themselves suspended outside of time and space. This neutral zone carries all the subjectivity of the traveler and yet the space is being held.

Traveling through these vectors requires stability, persistence, and an openness to a broader experience.

I myself had to learn to travel in these vectors to know them. It was not until I started working with the bowls that I rediscovered something I had known as a child. It came to me as a recognition.

When I was a small child, I would lay in my bed wondering, feeling, and pondering. I would often be just on the brink of sleep ( hindsight: theta state) and feel as if I were going through static from the TV. This happened often enough that many mornings I would ask my mother what this was.

My poor mother did not know what to do with someone like me.

She would say she didn’t know about that with a puzzling inquisitive and admittedly worried look on her face.

The memory is so distinct and so indelibly formed within me...the TV fuzz, that is. I remember moving through these particles, hearing the whooshing sound strongly, and feeling as if I were moving through a kind of gooey element. The only reference I had was the static from the television. It felt like a recurring nightmare, but it wasn’t that scary, just confusing. I often had it in my dreams. I have no recollection of what happened to me once I went through the fuzz.  This happened off and on for several years and then eventually stopped.

Fast forward forty years or so and as I am journeying with my etheric teacher, I go through the fuzz for what seems a couple of minutes and then toward a light. I begin to access different vectors or portals of light. Over the many journeys, I have seen my life review, met guides, understood councils of light beings working with me, been counseled on how to help people journey with sound, and much much more.

The recognition of this fuzz did not happen overnight. It was several times into the journeys that I realized I had done this before many times. Was it in another life? No, I had been doing this as a child. Now the tiny particles of chaotic fuzz and whooshing sound meant moving into another realm of consciousness while purposefully and intentionally doing journeying. It felt almost as if I was dematerializing, like “beaming me up, Scottie” from Star Trek but it was in slow motion and deep within me.

The sound bowls were allowing me to experience this once again.

I believe we can access these realms through our secondary bodies if and only if they are fully formed, but this does not explain what was happening to me as a child. Secondary bodies are formed from our intentional work here in Earth School as we live our lives. We form this energetic body to allow our Being and thus our Consciousness to develop. Perhaps, as children, our Being is so intact that we are all able to journey and still stay connected to the earth. 

As a child, I traveled to these unknown vectors outside of time and space. 

So to journey as adults requires childlike imagination, an openness, and a surrender that propels us into the world of the psyche, the archetypes, the Spirit World, and contact with ascended masters who are waiting to make contact through vectors of consciousness. We are overdeveloped in our logical mind, so we must let go in ways that may seem difficult. It may take practice. It definitely requires being grounded. 

The expansion of our consciousness creates limitless possibilities for us in this life and for the future of the planet. Contact with these Nagual realms will open our hearts.

It can also emerge through immense stillness resulting from years of meditating where our hearts fully remember our own divinity. I have experienced both, so I will continue to pass on that knowledge of how to access The Light through both means. It is contact with Love and very very powerful energies that blast us open. If we have the container to hold it, we remain free to embody that Love permanently. Until then, to swim in it is to know it is there. We can access it without any substances at all.

I look forward to assisting you on a sound journey. I work in person in the Pacific Northwest, so if you are coming from out of town, you can book a package to be done over several days during your visit. 

See Sacred Sound NW, a division of the Awareness School

I am also doing online sound baths every other week on Crowdcast. See my events page for upcoming events.


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