The Astounding Influence of Binaural Beats

Oct 16, 2018
The Astounding Influence of Binaural Beats


“Most binaural beats work on the principle of entrainment. That is, the external sound will try to change ‘brain-waves’ in a way to match itself. Thus, the binaural beat of a particular frequency will enhance a certain frequency in the brain which will then have a particular outcome.”

When binaural beats occur either from the overtone series of a frequency or from two notes played together, a wave-like rhythmic pattern can be detected. Sometimes they are not detected by the average listener but are in fact experienced in interesting ways.

A rhythmic pattern can create a trance-like state or theta state if it is slow enough, roughly 4.5 beats per second. This kind of beat is found in many ancient rituals using a drum or chime. Shamans, monks, priests and nuns have used drums and chanting for many centuries to achieve this state.

The brain will entrain to that slow 4.5 beat and induce a theta state which becomes vulnerable to healing, spiritual growth, transcending consciousness, and concentration. With the help of sound, one can feel a sense of calm and peace otherwise hard to attain.

It has been discovered and measured that while we are deep in prayer or meditation, activity in our parietal lobes drops to barely having any activity.

The parietal lobe is responsible for sensory awareness and orientation. The scientist Andrew Newberg of U Penn believes that the drop-in activity during meditation and prayer explains that sense of oneness we feel in our Being when engaged in these focused activities. It affects our brain and it is an access point to Being activation. A specific term I use to explain the opening of a higher center within us in which we see and experience the world as one.

All of this technology about binaural beats was brought to the mainstream by scientist and biophysicist Dr. Gerald Oster in his article, Auditory Beats in the Brain (Scientific American, 1973).

“It is possible that hormonally induced physiological behavior changes may be made apparent by measuring the binaural-beat spectrum.”

My aim in this article is to back up the profound experience I have encountered with the crystal tones alchemy bowls with a little science and more.

The bowls offer an ethereal and unique sound not found with other instruments. Their abundance of overtones offers the possibility of creating beats intentionally as a gateway to the theta state and more.  

When two frequencies enter the brain, it will perceive the mathematical difference between the two notes and the brainwaves will entrain to that.

As a sound shaman, I am letting the bowls do their job so that I can then assist in the release of rigid energetic pattern, not only within the brain but within the many bodies of the traveler. The overtones will work on the higher bodies, which may be imperceptible to the client, but will filter into the human threshold of perception during the journey and thereafter.

When there are opportune moments within the process, certain cosmic concentrations will penetrate their field.

If they have been doing enough preparation in the form of meditation, self-transformation and inner struggle, the sound can provide the missing link.

These binaural beats serve as an external “shock” from the outside.

I do not mean that a client will experience shock. I use the term shock in a positive light as something necessary coming in to break up pattern or upset the status quo of a somatic block.  The shock may have a positive effect on any of the systems. Sometimes a client is able to loosen up enough to feel what they have dammed up for lifetimes.

Sound can penetrate a very determined mental construct melded together through false logic and severe ego attachment over a long period of time.

In other words, it may be able to reach the unreachable, especially if there has been a lot of analysis therapy.

Another magical aspect of the bowls is their crystalline makeup, making variants of quality for the sound to come through. Some bowls ring longer because of different elements like palladium or iron or salt. Crystals hold a multitude of healing properties according to their ratios. A topaz bowl or a smoky quartz bowl infused with iron will act and sound completely different than an amethyst infused with palladium for example.

Each crystal property holds specific piezoelectric charges.

I believe there is a more detailed science to uncover with the effects various bowls and their crystalline qualities have on the sound healing experience.

Using binaural beats, harmonic resolution, and the influences of the properties of particular crystals becomes a rich experience in spiritual journey and peace of mind, body and spirit.

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