The Guide Has Spoken

Aug 08, 2018
The Guide Has Spoken


I am checking in remotely this week. I haven’t been home for a while. I haven’t had internet and I am slowed down… on purpose.

My senses have awakened like never before, not just the regular five but the sixth, seventh and possibly the 8th which I at this point cannot explain.

Time at The Hive has proven to be magical and one of the guardians of the land have made themselves known. There are some students of the Awareness School who have been blessed to see this mighty creature and until last weekend, I had not experienced the magic directly.

One early misty morning, Sean, my husband, told me to walk down the path toward the meditation tent. I knew he had seen The Guide. As I walked out onto the path, I had to silently “sign” to my dog to be quiet and get behind me. She obeyed!

I walked not ten yards when I suddenly felt the presence. I had planned on walking much further down the path. The greys and greens swirled around him, but it was the psychic message, the knowing that something was there, that stopped me in the path. I looked up and there in the middle of a low-lying branch was The Owl…a very large owl.

He blended exactly into the alder tree, so I realized just how easy it could have been to miss him.

Now the siting of an owl may not be that big of a deal to you, but this was a big deal because I felt something I have never felt before, something deep and penetrating as if he were talking to me. He had not words, but feeling waves. I knew he knew that I knew. His eyes looking directly into mine and we froze like that for a long time.

The dog froze too.

I sensed the presence of assurance and connection for lack of better words. I sent a message of goodwill and assurance that we will be good stewards of the land, and he acknowledged that he already knew. He was making his presence very known to us for a reason.

I heard this. I felt this. I understood in this flash that if we don’t slow down, we miss the subtle beauty and finesse of nature. He has probably been there all along.

He didn’t fly away. We stayed there and connected as if we were communicating on a new level. My heartfelt like it was bursting open in gratitude, in reverence, and in awe.

I have found myself crying many times since then. This feeling has not left me and I know that there is more for all of us there.

That’s all I can really say right now because words cannot explain the acuity with which my senses have been heightened. We must fine-tune ourselves to be able to see and hear or we will miss the signs altogether. Those who are meeting life with this stillness intact will be able to understand their emotions much easier. It will provide a foundation from which our false personalities can crumble.

When this foundation isn’t there, frustration, rage, and confusion are the resulting emotions that emerge from suppressing what we really need to feel.

The world as we know it is falling apart and the old patterns and fixed paradigms will feel threatening and unbearable. If we haven’t done the work, it will be overwhelming.

This is what work on oneself amounts to. As we work to see buried emotions, sadness, and pain, we sometimes experience stronger buffers. The automatic constructs and coping strategies get emphasized, almost exaggerated. Deep shame, dogged blame, inexplicable fear and a severe sense of unworthiness are some of those buffers. Previously repressed parts are unearthed and threaten False Personality. After all, False Personality has formed to keep it all repressed.

It is almost as if we are collectively being forced to look at ourselves now in a new way, but there has to be strengthening of our Essence to weather the storm.

I ask you today: what are you doing to allow the subtle to come into your life?

Are you able to sense the tiny quiver of vulnerability moving within you?

Are you able to experience slight energetic changes from the wind?

Can you hear the trees speaking?

The owl has spoken. 


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