Our Three Centers Revisited

Feb 20, 2018
Our Three Centers Revisited


We must learn to synchronize our modes of experience and get out of our heads.

It’s going to heal the planet…

That may seem like a leap.

When thinking, feeling and sensation, known as the three centers, are lined up, we get different impressions outside of our habitual associations. We see into ourselves in a way we could not before.

That is life-changing and earth-shattering!

We can see more about our environment and ourselves. We will understand how we cannot stand in our power or how we are trying to hold control over others.  We become a little more objective about what is actually happening, and we start to see how our view may be tainted by societal restrictions, false associations, and conditioning.

Our usual mode of operation comes from evaluation based on memory and conditioning. Our brain moves so fast with assumptions and associations, and our body and emotions move even faster.  Before we even realize it, our visuals have picked up things, our body has picked up vibration, our emotions have stirred and our thinking is the last to put it all together from a formative apparatus that says this means that and that means this.

The filing system has categorized our experience according to something that is not actually happening!! This is how limited our scope of impressions really is.

We are generally aware of what our thinking has surmised with no real cognition of the other two “brains.”

All the Fourth-way methods will expand our awareness in order to notice the functioning of these three brains. Multiple layers come alive in us as the integration progresses.

We connect the dots of our lives.

We see how we have carried blind prejudice toward ourselves and others.

As I teach people to trust this integration process, inevitably for many, there comes a certain discernable point in them that they recognize and that I too recognize. Things are not the same, and they can look back and understand how much they did not see before this point. It perhaps is a slow drip process or a twisted up and down fight within themselves to buckle down and do the work, observe the inner states, and last but not least, question their experience and what they know and don’t know.

There comes a time when rapid-fire reaction slows down, body sensation becomes a practice, and healthy boundaries become easy. One sees what another person is going through because they have made the effort to see what is going on inside of themselves.

They start to understand the actions of others.

People who were once threats are no longer threatening. Saying no is no longer difficult and it’s not because we a trying our hardest to say no. It has come from transformation on the inside that is very hard to describe, but it becomes apparent when it happens. One is able to step out of habit and pattern. It becomes easy to say no when it is needed.

We wake up.

A new life is born because the thinking has been relegated to its proper function and the feeling center can actually be discovered for what it is…

Knowing on another level.

It is “this knowing” of the feeling center having nothing to do with the emotions that we usually associate with the feeling center that comes alive. We usually experience this center as a fraction of what it encompasses. It is relegated to our reactions and mechanisms. Those reactions and mechanisms have hijacked the feeling center, so there can be no knowing.

They are things like: being offended and angry, victimized, attacked, fearful, crestfallen, and insecure.

We hear small whispering voices that fill our ears with “messaging” that we have created for ourselves to justify said “emotions.” That messaging when taken “to heart,” ironically speaking, unfortunately, becomes our identity until we can make space. The spaciousness of the feeling center can only occur when we are able to work with other centers in conjunction to make it come alive.

Developing the tools will ease the grip of our mind. We can watch inner states and start to understand what is actually happening within us. We get a chance to jump off the hamster wheel of association and identification long enough to realize we were on it in the first place. From there, we can then be on the lookout like never before.

This comes from blending the body and the thinking.

That spaciousness and quieting of inner judgment, even if it is momentary, is enough to develop something in us. The knowing of the feeling center which isn’t emotion at all but a feeling of knowingness and security, for lack of a better word, starts to awaken within us.

It is almost as if this knowingness has a chance to develop once things become more balanced between the other centers. Our thought relaxes to what feels like the background and can be used for what it is meant for: calculating, analyzing, and associating when the need arises. Our bodies bring presence in another form and make us feel as if we are coming alive in a way that was not possible. These two things are the gateway for the feeling center to awaken to its right and proper function.

Practice noticing what information you are getting from each brain.

Notice how your body experiences an emotion like clenching of jaw or tightness of chest.

Notice how you experience emotion.

Are you primarily experiencing it from a series of thoughts being fired off?  

Do you actually “feel” your emotions or is it a set of thought patterns re-enacting a limiting belief?

When you just “know” is it your thoughts or something else?

More on this in the weeks to come.

Until then, have a great week.



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