True Prosperity and Our Authentic Nature

Jan 15, 2019
True Prosperity and Our Authentic Nature


Photo credit: Stephanie Parrish, Indigo Corners

As we ring in the new year, many are thinking of prosperity. We make resolutions for abundance from health to money. We bring energy to our intentions. We push the refresh button.

By March, most of our resolutions and commitments have failed more than once. Some have faded to a mere wish. Some have engendered feelings of guilt around the matter.

There is a reason making resolutions does not work. They often come from ego-driven desire though they are masked in very healthy habits. We benefit from our abstinence of drugs or adherence to a more astringent exercise program, but the motivation is usually about self-improvement instead of self-discovery.

Our potential for deep prosperity lies in the power to unearth that which we already are. It is the spiritual quest to connect deeply to our Essence.

We are Pure Love.

We are Intelligence of a Higher Nature.

We are capable of being harmonized in true authentic form and that is what we need to seek.

Our access to our authentic nature is prosperity and everything falls into place from there.

Bucket lists, achievements, and above all self-improvement often go unfulfilled. We can learn to work toward a broader scope of consciousness in which we no longer seek that which satisfies us from the outside. With practices, trust, intentional effort, and surrender, we begin to understand who we are and what we are made of, and that is what resonates throughout our material existence.

The shift happens from the inside out and not the other way around.

When we look at our health, things may be energetically blocked on multiple layers that result on the physical plane. Treating only the physical symptoms, therefore, will never cure the cause, if we are dealing with chronic illness, weight loss, or recurring acute conditions.

Prosperity in the form of money can be looked at in the same way. We cannot find ways or formulas to bring us more money if we have not actually addressed the core split from our eternal and authentic nature. If we are deeply identified with self-loathing or worthlessness, that abundance will not materialize.

With the shedding of skin through spiritual means, we access that true nature. This is not a quick fix. This takes trust, patience, and surrender that we have been conditioned not to trust. When this work takes hold, there will sometimes be a lot of push and pull with our lower nature through the gradual process of opening.

We get to see small miraculous shifts during the process which allows us to trust that something is working.  Setbacks are part of what allows us to see what isn’t working, and so we start anew with our work of self-discovery.

Prosperity is understanding that everything is sufficient and so it alleviates our fear.

Our fear conversely prevents us from experiencing true prosperity.

When we are ruled by underlying fear, we search to belong, to achieve, to overexert certain functions in order to counteract that fear. We may not even know that fear is the culprit as we keep hitting our heads against the proverbial wall with efforts that are not producing results and not knowing why.

Through work to truly observe oneself and practices to open our Heartmind, we catch glimpses of the truth. We break down the false sense of self. We recognize certain destructive behaviors that flew under the radar. As well, we learn the right way to make effort in order to more easily facilitate an opening.

Gaining the courage to delve deeper into who we are can become a consistent practice toward prosperity.

When we uncover the knowledge that we are already complete, the dam suddenly breaks. Relief and prosperity flow from this point.

The practices and resolutions we used to seek then become meaningless. We don’t need to find better ways to make money. We won’t need to improve the way we eat or how we treat our bodies. We won’t need to strive for ways to be accepted. We will already be doing that.

We will move from the place of our authenticity. That will ripple into the world as prosperity. Health and abundance will flow from this place.

The shift happens from the inside out and not the other way around.

Please share how you are working with this and whether or not you have already fallen of the resolutions.

Happy New Year to All,




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