When Higher Energies Are Accessible

Jun 01, 2023

Practicing presence, meditation, and zikr is what we do here at the Awareness School. We offer instruction on how to concentrate higher energies so that transformation, permanent transformation, is possible.

We teach people how to have discipline with their practice. Stilling the mind requires a discipline that people are reluctant to learn unless they have experienced how higher energies affect their everyday life. The catch here is that to experience a concentration of energies we need that kind of discipline.

The energies of life and how we live it are not conducive to accessing these higher energies even if we are meditating daily. 

We live in environments that leak energy. The pace and stress that has become practically normal, plus the ease with which we can distract ourselves keeps us in a waking sleep that requires a herculean effort from which to emerge.

Because we are not practicing in a vacuum, we are working at a constant deficit. And so, like Sisyphus, we start again the next day thinking we are making strides. Our practice cannot gain momentum, however, it is not altogether futile either. If we don’t do something, we are keeping ourselves at the level of automatic conditioned behavior of being fully asleep and knowing no better.

We need something supplemental to give us a boost.

Think of times when you have let your level of exercise or nutrition go. It’s easy to stay in the complacent world of indulgence. It’s easy to say, "I will get back to my right life tomorrow." 

When we are at a spiritual energetic deficit, it’s the same way. We think it’s normal to have high levels of anxiety, lots of worry and insomnia, reactions and sensitivity to anything anyone says or does. We take everything personally and keep accounts on what is fair or not fair.  We are unhappy, dissatisfied, and live in scenarios from both the past and future. We are scared to be alone. We have poor boundaries and endure everything under the sun because we have no sense of self. We distract ourselves with phones, the movies, the pornography, the business, the ultra filled schedules, the substances, the shopping, the eating, the self-improvement courses, the “you name it”…

Starting a disciplined spiritual practice can lift us out of some of this, but for access to higher energies we need to be in environments where there is a concentration of higher substance from which to draw. 

This brings us to the importance of an esoteric school. 

In a true esoteric school, there is a magnetic center which can maintain a concentrated level of energies where people can experience a surplus. That surplus will get them over the hump that their own practice cannot achieve. This requires people who are able to be vehicles for a finer substance. They have experienced a higher level of freedom from which they can hold this energy.

There must be a preponderance of this substance to make a difference.

Gurdjieff called this substance Hambledzoin and referred to it as the Blood of the Soul. Certain levels of liberation prevent leakage and accumulate conscious energy so that more is available to be in service of others. Those who have that freedom help the others along just by being.

Fourth Way Retreats, like the kind we run at the Awareness School, provide conditions conducive to such accumulation of energies. Once the city vibes are shed, we are able to begin the work of inner observation that has been kept at bay with distraction. We interact with each other exactly as we do in regular life. Human interaction inevitably rubs us the wrong way, whether it is the result of a misunderstanding or of taking something personally that really has nothing to do with us. 

We work, cook, and carry on life in this container and we begin to see something within ourselves. We meditate by sitting, dancing, chanting, and staying present to access an inner realm. Working in this kind of environment renders our old tactics useless and we are able to see what we could not previously see.

This is life-changing because when we see, we hold the negative emotions in front of us and accept. We have contact with a Divine Impulse of Love. We are moved and feel and deepen our understanding of ourselves and others. 

This is how our lives can come to have greater meaning and deeper connection with others.

I urge you to immerse yourself in these energies available to you up at the farm at some point. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have fun. We are in an exquisite off-grid setting in the San Juan Islands which is a plus for our well-being in itself. We eat all organic high vibe farm to table food, we improve our ability to meditate and learn what presence really feels like. Most importantly, there is an access point that is rare.

We welcome you. 

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