Our Work Serves a Greater Purpose

Jun 05, 2018
Our Work Serves a Greater Purpose


We have everything to gain from our inner work and it also serves a greater purpose.

This may give some of us hope and meaning where there wasn’t any.

We know things are off. Things feel frenetic and chaotic in the collective. We all share this but there are few who are willing to admit it. We see rampant war, greed, and soaring anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and opioid use. Seventy percent of the US population is on some kind of prescription drug. We are numbed out, doped out, or pepped up so that we can no longer feel.

I welcome any of you to talk to me about medication. I know there is a small percentage that are “chemically imbalanced,” but now too many are seeking a remedy through medication, claiming they are “chemically imbalanced,” rather than working through their depression and anxiety. I myself have found a way through meditation, self-observation, biofeedback, presence techniques, and freedom.

I have helped many wean themselves from these types of drugs and to become free of their deep suffering.

This article is not about addressing rampant over-medication of society. It is about what we are enduring as humankind, how the world is and why we are avoiding the work. There are those who will acknowledge that something is severely wrong and those who do not want to admit it.

Our lack of development seems extremely obvious in light of the state of affairs, but many may not see it that way.

Our fear is being buried in distraction and meds.

We know we need more self-understanding and more empathy with one another. We see division becoming greater amongst us. We may not want to see that institutional racism, sexism, and inequality is no better than other times in past history.

We may feel we play no part in it.

There does seem to be a collective awakening despite the crumbling of deep connection. From the outside, it looks darker and darker, and with that hopefully comes the obvious need to work on ourselves. Not work where we earn more, achieve more and do more, but work which produces collective transformative energy.

There will always be those who blame outside situations, political parties, “the enemy” of whatever ilk. They will remain outside of the inner revolution that must take place for our world to change.

There are many who will take no interest in this and remain on the outside of the dilemma, content in a way. They will not encounter the suffering of waking up to the terror of the situation, and they will remain oblivious to the needs of the world. It is enough to seek success in the material world, even disguised in spirituality. They may sell their wares in the form of self-help and healing, and prey on the market of those who are not willing to do the work.

They will not know that they are outside of a deeper work at hand.

When we take transformation into our hands, we become part of something that contributes to the health and maintenance of all that is. We may feel drawn to the importance of this quest and drive toward inner knowing. We know there is something more even if we can’t put a name to it. It is as if we know we are under a spell. We take responsibility for ourselves.

We do our part to find out why and how we are asleep.

Until we gain an awakened perception of what is going on, we must follow blindly in trust based on an inkling that something needs to change. We have a role to fill in the cosmic order of things and different people develop different capacities to that effect.

We either know we have something to find out about ourselves or we are satisfied with the way life is, never questioning what is really going on. We may even convince ourselves that we are working on ourselves when really, we are avoiding our pain and suffering.

J.G Bennett often referred to three stages in the work, exoteric, mesoteric and esoteric. These have to do with levels of work we have the possibility of entering.

The exoteric work involves our functioning in the world and our ability to work with our bodies, minds and feelings. It is work with our outward human nature and how well we can discipline ourselves.

The mesoteric level of work involves the inner terrain and how much we open to seeing in a new way from new centers as a result of cohesion and disciplined work. We experience a new reality from a new perspective, allowing us to directly affect our own destiny. We begin to see what the real problems are regarding fear and self-loathing, lack of confidence and more within ourselves. From there, we can see the resulting collective problem.

The esoteric level of work resides in our ability to live in this world as realized humans on a completely different scale. This is an internal development capable of living in the world of Will where action is possible. Revelation and connection are a reality. Access to the reality of a new order is actualized.

We need all three of these levels amongst many people to make a better world.

What kind of world do we want to live in?

Do we realize the connection of our own work to the evolution of the planet?

Are we questioning our reality in a way that can lead to our own transformation?

Let me know what you are doing to question your own reality. How are you working to see more within yourself?

Much Love,



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