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Energy Insights

In this online informational series, learn the secret science behind energy and how it shapes your personality and relationships


Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • You're feeling overwhelmed, scattered, or even blanked out when faced with stressful situations or deadlines

  • You have trouble expressing what you feel or you're unable to say no (and feel resentful about it later)

  • You feel like a magnet for other people’s “stuff”

  • You're struggling with some kind of addiction

  • You're feeling like there is someone in your life that you just can’t see eye to eye with, no matter how hard you try

Each of us has an unseen energy language that affects how we think, work, and relate to each other. That is why someone can walk into a room and you “get a vibe” or you can feel someone looking at you from behind. Everyone has an energetic signature that you can learn to perceive.

More importantly, you can learn to recognize your own energetic coping mechanisms!

Energy patterns shape your personality, including your strengths and bad habits. Learning about them helps you develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

We experience energy in all kinds of ways from feeling drained to being activated and alive. Everyone has an energy field that can be perceived if practices are in place to help you do that!

You've probably dealt with at least a few of these:

  • Noticing how you can communicate with your kids or parents and no matter what they say you sense the charge between you, not the words that are actually being said
  • Arguing with your partner and feeling like they weren't all there because they've shut down and can't communicate
  • Sensing that someone feels icy even though they say all the right things
  • Having a conversation with a friend and feeling like there is no real depth or connection
  • Feeling invaded when in conversation with someone and unable to explain why
  • Coming away drained after an encounter with someone
  • Noticing people who dominate a conversation in a meeting or conference and knowing they are hiding their own insecurities

You may be able to recognize energy in so many ways from external cues like tone of voice, someone’s proximity to you, body language and more, but there is an unseen exchange that is happening too!

Knowing these cues and orienting yourself to the unseen energetic exchange of people can help you understand energetic coping mechanisms.

It may be very different from what is being communicated verbally.

There’s a way to recognize these experiences as energetic exchange and that can help you know how to skillfully communicate.

It's empowering to:

  • Learn how to see energetic patterns in others to help you communicate in many styles.
  • Understand more clearly what is happening with another person.
  • Learn to connect no matter what type of person you are dealing with, from mothers-in-law to your own children.
  • Learn to have clear and distinct boundaries by saying no concretely and emphatically without guilt.

Learning about the five primary energy types and how to work with them gave me mastery of my own experience. By learning how to see my patterns in action, I learned how to work with them and go against my natural tendencies to overgive, not say no, or become a magnet for other people’s stuff. 

 With this knowledge, you'll learn:

  • How to appreciate your unique gifts and talents and how energy shapes them
  • What is behind your bad habits and what to do about it
  • How to “read” other people’s energy and how to relate to them
  • How to develop healthy relationships, including with other energy types
  • How to get out of your head and connect with your body

Curious about your Energy Type?


Introducing Energy Insights

A self-paced information series designed to teach you the five predominant energy types so you can identify them in yourself and those around you.

Learn how to...

Work with your own energy so that you feel balanced (and not drained) throughout your day

Get along with people in your life who are completely different from you

Tune into your body and communicate clearly with yourself and others 

Here’s what's inside the online informational series:

Video lessons for each energy type, presented by Awareness School founder and master teacher, Molly Knight Forde

Downloadable PDFs to lock in and reinforce your learning of each of the five energy types

Exercises to help you grow past your shortcomings, no matter which energy type you are

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Here’s what one past student says about what they learned:

"I found the information and experiential practices very helpful in becoming familiar with my edge and creating healthy boundaries. as well as learning how to work with various energies (my own and the energy of others). I gained a deeper understanding of the more dominant energy patterns I experience, and how that shows up in certain relationships and interactions. Additionally, through recognizing certain energetic qualities and ways to work with them, I have felt empowered to make more conscious choices that have helped me break free from some behaviors that habitually kept me feeling stuck and small. Essentially, old patterns that do not serve me or my relationships."

- Michele T.

Take the Energetic Coping Mechanism Quiz Here: 


I’m Molly Knight Forde and I’ve learned to recognize how I cope with being an empath through these energy types. 

There have been many instances in my life where I’ve dealt with the overwhelm that comes with being a magnet for other people’s energy.

  • Saying yes when I wanted to say no.
  • Times when someone would take over the room, leaving me feeling powerless to move or change what was happening. That kind of thing can be exhausting.

When I learned how to get a sense of my own energetic edge, I could stop these types of encounters from happening. I had to learn how to bring presence and attention to my physical body and notice the subtle movement of fear within me.

It wasn’t until I discovered meditation, presence techniques and energy work that I started to recognize what was really going on. 

Now, I use what I’ve learned over the last 25 years to teach our students in The Awareness School, a center for meditation and self-transformation. 

Through learning about these Energy Types, I have been able to heal my struggle with boundaries so that I don’t take on the pain of others. All five types deal with boundaries and proper energetic manners. Each type has its particular struggles and this course offers answers for dealing with them. 

I’ve put all my knowledge into this series and I am confident it will help you too.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to identify the energy in yourself and the people around you so you can develop healthy boundaries and live a more peaceful life


Enroll now and get immediate access to the Energy Insights Series



Enroll now and get Energy Insights and the 21-Day Meditation Course



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