Over 3 months, we will dive deep into limiting patterns, attachments, and belief systems. We will explore the nature of emotional states and how to stay with them and recognize their source. What was once challenging will become a cue and a catalyst for growth to fuel the fire of your transformation.

Through custom meditations, advanced awareness techniques, and timeless presence principles you will learn to wake up and witness yourself and the beauty in your imperfections.

This work is not about change or discarding parts of yourself. Instead, the approach is about uniting the whole.

In-depth sessions are supported by weekly meetings as well as assignments to explore on your own as you incorporate concrete ways to work through your upper limits.


Most people live their lives at the mercy of their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs about themselves. This causes pain, insecurity, self-sabotage and in some cases an inability to jump into the stream of life.

This deep one on one work will give you access to tools and techniques that will make you the master of your destiny.

No longer will you be blindsided by events, beliefs or thoughts. You will learn techniques to stay the course of self-observation and use this skill to manifest the life you want. 

Clients share a wide range of amazing results. A profound sense of peace, a deepening of personal relationships and a renewed confidence in every aspect of daily life.

“Molly is an incredible mentor and guide. She shows compassion for what is and with non-judgement guides you towards what could be. She teaches self-awareness, not solutions, thus opening to the possibility of permanent change.”

- Krystal Alexander-Hille, Divine Feminine Embodiment Coach & Founder of Goddess Reawakening


  • Six 90-minute intensive sessions (online or office) to be scheduled over 3 months
  • Email support for the duration
  • Reduced member prices to all Awareness School events and retreats

“I would highly recommend Molly to anyone seeking to truly expand from within. If you are willing to be open, trusting and allow her to take you where you need to be, you will find her to be a solid teacher, mentor, friend and sister.”

- Debbie Mack

Are you ready to master your destiny?

Program Investment: $1300

Payment Plans Available