An Initiation into the Shamanic Path


Over a period of 4 and a half months, 8 womxn will gather to embark on a life-changing journey.

Explore the many facets of your true essence through the lens of...

Awareness and Meditation

Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Shamanic Ritual, Ancestral Clearing and the Medicine Wheel

Goddess Invocation

Transformational Energy Techniques

We will awaken areas in ourselves that have been collectively neglected and forgotten in order to:

  • Recognize our innate power
  • Become a vehicle for Higher Influences
  • Develop both the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within
  • Access our authentic energetic signature through felt sense
  • Integrate our temporal humanity with our eternal metaphysical prototype

"I have longed to have a spiritual life that felt absolutely true to who I am. The impact this work has had on my life brings forth the deepest sense of gratitude and an understanding that, as is often said, the world is made better by becoming who we were meant to become.”

- Katie Seitz, Social Worker

"I would highly recommend Molly’s Wisdom Circle to anyone seeking to truly expand from within. If you are willing to be open, trust and allow her to take you where you need to be, you will find her to be a solid teacher, mentor, friend and sister."

- Debbie Mack

This program dives into shamanic and esoteric modalities that will be explored within the vehicle of sacred circle.

With the support of the group, we create a magnetic center of energy that accelerates the process. Through group gatherings, weekly material, and concentrated one on one work, we will deep dive into:

  • Themes covering boundaries, spiritual embodiment, and divine feminine/masculine 
  • Work with a pantheon of goddesses from many traditions 
  • Meditations that will deepen our personal practice. 
  • The Shamanic Medicine Wheel 
  • Ancestral Clearing

Because all of us come to the table with a unique set of life experiences, we enrich the circle experience. 


The solo sessions offer support in the process, providing custom energetic and awareness prescriptions to incorporate into your daily life. The course material and resources will serve you for a lifetime.

We culminate the circle with a very special glamping retreat at the beautiful Awareness School Retreat property on San Juan Island. During this 4 day gathering, we will walk the medicine wheel, dive into shamanic ritual and meditation, explore energetic boundaries, sound journey and sacred dance. 

We will have quality time with our other circle sisters to bond and exchange experiences and awakenings from our shared journey. We have luxurious cuisine and very cozy accommodations.

"Molly is able to hold energetic space in an unexplainable, holographic way that allows students to begin to master their own worlds in ways they had previously unimagined.

I am still feeling the power of this circle somewhere in my bones and know that no matter where we are on the path, these women will always be family. If you are ready to transform on a cellular level, even if you're not quite sure what that entails, there is no one else on the planet I more highly recommend to work with."

- Stephanie Parrish of Indigo Corners


  • 8 one-on-one intensive online sessions
  • 6 online group gatherings
  • Exclusive forum to connect and share your experience
  • Weekly themes designed to explore every aspect of your being
  • Bi-weekly Goddess invocations to strengthen our circle
  • Shamanic ritual work
  • Exploration and integration of the 20 count medicine wheel
  • Etheric group space holding
  • Email support throughout the length of the journey
  • A 4-day glamping retreat at our retreat space on San Juan Island 





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6 Monthly Payments



12 Monthly Payments

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"Being a part of this group was nothing short of an initiatory experience. The work took me deep, and opened etheric doors that are leading me into the next iteration of my sacred soul work. The tools Molly provides, along with a sisterhood of womxn, is fertile ground for your next round of spiritual growth."

- Anna Holden