Defining the Divine Feminine Principle

Nov 02, 2023
mother earth goddess

We are imprisoned in the cage of materialism, and the forces of darkness and repression have become so powerful that many people in this world can no longer see the Goddess or feel her divine power.  - from Sharron Rose.

Let us strengthen and discover the realm of Feminine experience, a realm dominated by feeling, intuition, creativity, imagination, dreams, visions, and miracles.

- Sharron Rose

The divine feminine principle has been defined in many ways. It is referred to as the receptive force, the energy of the living goddess within us, and the yin principle.

We are all affected by the divine feminine principle no matter what gender we are. Cultivating the divine feminine in our lives as principles by which to live is of the utmost importance in these times, the Kali Yuga…The Age of Iron… where materialism and darkness prevail. Our individual embodiment of the divine feminine creates the possibility for a stronger collective cooperation to nurture our communities, countries, and planet; from preventing climate change to equal and fair opportunity for all.

The divine feminine principle could be considered a mode of operation divergent from the traditional patriarchal principles which have engendered war, colonization, competition, dominance, and the consumption of precious resources for profit and personal gain. The divine feminine principles foster the resilience of our participation in and respect of nature as an integral and interdependent part of the system. Countries could join hands in solidarity to combat the climate crisis. Medicine, government, social systems, education, and childbirth, among other things, would be funded to support our well-being rather than profit.

This is the macrocosmic collective perspective on the divine feminine principle.

So what does this look like for the individual?

If we revere the yin side of things as equally as we do the yang, our individual lives would look very different. Of course, income disparity would be remedied to ensure the possibility of everyone living a balanced life where personal health and family time are prioritized as much as our careers. 

When the divine feminine principle is activated in us, we see the importance of nurturing our relationship with nature, with each other, and with our own well-being. We take the time to recharge and replenish.

We do not push to make things happen but participate in the flow of being. The journey is as important as the goal.

An individual would not be driven to the point of exhaustion with no time for rest, exercise, and proper nutrition, for example. Competition in the workplace would be replaced with support teams so that everyone had time for their personal and family needs. The drive for more is replaced with assurance that everyone has enough.

The Native American cultures had a closer connection with this feminine impulse, one in which they saw themselves as one with Nature. They also had destructive behaviors which should not be correlated with the masculine.

In defining all of this, it may appear that the feminine is good and the masculine is bad. This could not be further from the truth. Our own selfishness, insecurity, and egoism are what have created both the wounded or “distorted” versions of both masculine and feminine properties.

We need the divine masculine just as much as the divine feminine principle.

The divine masculine holds space for things to happen. There is an initiating active force that must be present with a focus on outcome and self-mastery. The divine feminine is the passive force, carrying an empathic tendency toward the collective. Both are essential for the proper functioning of humanity.

In teaching the divine feminine principles in my women’s circle programs, I emphasize the importance of embodied awareness, connection with Nature, open and honest trust within the circle, and infusion of the Goddess energy that represents this principle. Whether it’s the fierce boundaries of Durga, the life force awareness of Sekhmet, the reconstructive power of Isis, the liberation through death of Kali, the refuge of Green Tara, or the healing compassion of Kuan Yin, all offer insight and direct delivery of the Divine Feminine Principles.

The Goddess Energy comes in the form of sensual energetic power. The ability to sense that power - both earthly and heavenly - requires being grounded and receptive. 

Women have learned to shut it off. They have become too numb to feel it. They will do anything to avoid their own vulnerability. They have lost their sense of boundary and connection. With those blockages, they lose their spark of creativity and joy, their deep love of beauty and its transformative alchemy, self-care and acceptance, healing, and most of all, their all-encompassing power.

The Divine Feminine is waking up in all of us in response to the very strong negative force of greed and materialism. We must all strengthen our connection to others, to our planet, and to the divine within by surrendering to this mighty power.

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