Divine Fusion

Jul 22, 2020
Divine Fusion


Divine fusion is an inner alchemical process that allows a spiritual seeker to infuse with the refined light energy of higher consciousness. It is the ultimate reconciling force.

Divine Fusion requires a vehicle. 

A certain readiness within the body, the mind and the soul must be ripe for this to occur. One never knows when it might happen, and it is ill advised to seek it out as a goal. It occurs gently like a blossoming flower and it can erupt through our Being like a flash of lightning.

The refinement of awareness is the vehicle for that divine energy to enter. A subtle energy body is developed through these kinds of energies being assimilated.

So, it is not just the work of presence which curbs our attachment to the past or future, but the development of a type of awareness and stillness that will access another realm of consciousness. Along the way, we experience great relief from the everyday agony of false emotion. We gain groundedness and empathy. We develop a magnetic center that is able to retain and collect the finer substance.

In that kind of environment, we are primed for divine fusion.

Alchemy is the only word that can accurately describe a process like this. There are few traditions and pathways that work directly with inner alchemy. In the Awareness School, we refer to it as the Third Force and the development of the Kesdjan Body and the Higher Being Body. The Egyptians reveal means by which to develop Ka and then an eternal higher being body called Ba. The kundalini life force named by the Egyptians as Sekhem is also the focus in the Tantric tradition, but practitioners beware. Fire breath and sexual practices must be approached with detachment or desires will take over. 

I believe Mary Magdalene brought forth these alchemical teachings of Isis and engaged in the development of higher being bodies with Christ. He was able to reveal himself to her through that light body in the resurrection. He demonstrates the reality of eternal life to her.

The vessel is awareness.

Think of a current that is strong enough to sustain an infusion of divine light. We develop the ability to sustain through specific exercises of meditation, attention, and the work with Sekhem. That work prepares the vessel and then we are able to surrender out of safety, security, and trust.

Thus, our inner work becomes the battle of dispelling fear in order to hold this light.

The work of attention and awareness develop enough foundation to dispense with an atmosphere of fear. Fear sets deep neural grooves within us that will not hold a “divine charge.” A slow dismantling of that fear sets the stage as part of the alchemy.

When there is enough stability and trust, the work of collecting the finer substance, the nectar, the baraka (as the Sufis called it) is possible. We then go about life feeding another body that exists in the Being realm. At this stage, samadhi, absolute inner attention, is established, but we don’t stop being human with a human experience. We can begin another level of inner alchemy that is able to operate in different worlds of manifestation and discrimination.

Holding the human experience and the light together simultaneously brings about yet another level of inner alchemy, a new third force.

An infusion of light can enter and take root because another body has now been developed to hold that light.

This light is the ultimate nurture of Divine Mother/Father Love and can alleviate the pain and fear of our human existence. We experience bliss that is impermeable to the outside world of delusion. The neediness to soothe deep abandonment, loneliness, fear and unworthiness is released when this light fills the system and begins to feed more than our earthly body. We no longer look for the solution from others or from things in the material world.

The Divine Light Source enters as we practice acceptance of our human suffering simultaneously with an acuity of inner awareness.

This has come to me through years of specific meditations and breath practices, and sound has enhanced light body activation.

Human and divine become one…divine fusion.

I believe this is the purpose of the great alchemical teachings. The teaching of Christ and Mary Magdalene, the secrets of Isis, and the sacred teachings passed down through Central Asia that accelerate the opening of higher centers through collection of the finer substance. They are the Awareness School roots.

We are entering a new phase in which our collective fear is manifesting on a massive level. It’s a tipping point that requires us to take action or we are swept into the fray. The capacity to hold one’s awareness without wavering is a necessary skill to weather the impending storms. 

We must prepare ourselves for divine fusion.


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