Empathic Reaction is a Mechanism We Need to Understand

Jun 24, 2020
Empathic Reaction is a Mechanism We Need to Understand


Empathic reaction is an egoic mechanism we need to understand. There are many people who talk about how empathic they are, and actually mean they absorb the reactions of others. They relate everything back to a personal experience, and end up carrying the pain and toxicity of others as an egoistic mechanism. They are not able to distinguish themselves from other people, biological phenomena, or even collective reaction in a healthy way.

Empaths carry the flip side of narcissistic traits and are often attracted to narcissists. They complement each other. There is a lot of information out there regarding narcissistic behavior and empathic behavior going hand in hand. In fact, narcissism is fed by someone who allows themselves to dissolve into the narcissist’s realm. The last thing a narcissist wants is for someone to “not give them attention” by exhibiting a healthy boundary. That is how they translate it. The empath is the perfect partner. No boundary and totally available to hold and be consumed by the narcissist. 

There is little to no understanding of energetic edge with the empath. This skill is not just for empaths and HSPs. This is for everyone who wants to understand more about the unseen communication between people. Knowing this can inform why you feel the way you do. You can more fully discern what’s happening beyond what is being said.

We often get a feeling about someone we don’t even know. We have certain radars put in place that are functioning whether we fully use those capacities or not. It’s intuitive, but more. Most of us were inadvertently taught not to trust our intuition. Our inner compass was put into question when our parents dismissed certain feelings, premonitions, or even gut feelings.  Sometimes our feelings were dismissed to the point that we no longer trust what we are actually feeling.

As an empath, I was constantly picking up the environment and not feeling right. I would often say that I felt weird and my parents would say, “Oh you’re fine.” If I didn’t have a fever, I was basically fine in their eyes. I learned to dismiss the things I was feeling and seeing. Even worse, I learned to leave my body entirely in order not to experience the painful emotions around me and within me.

Healthy boundaries are important when working with groups of people, energies, and healing modalities. Healthy boundaries are necessary for healthy relationships with people and the environment. If we are amorphous, we may be unconsciously inviting detrimental hosts of any ilk, biological, spiritual or energetic. This is another contraindication of being empathic. The practical use of sensation and understanding energetic edge is the process that defines us, protects us, and enables us to have empathy and not absorption. 

With no developed Essence, the empath translates everything into a personal experience; self-centered and myopic. The only way to read the world is through lack of Self and that means…the ego. There thus is no sense of other and in this case, it is essential to understand other. The lack of identity simply takes on traits, emotions, and everything else in the environment. These false personalities simply search for substance through vicarious experience.  In this way, it isn’t a gift to be an empath the way many people see it as if “this gift” is giving them the problems. It’s an egoistic coping mechanism.

Developing a deep sense of self in conjunction with other creates relationship rather than absorption and unhealthy codependency. It is important in our evolutionary dance to understand who we are at the core. Practices of presence, self-remembrance and self-observation help develop our Essence. 

We are being asked to be in relationship with our fellow people of all races, color, and gender, with our biology, and with our environment. We connect as one through relationship and so to have empathy for others means we must first see them as having an experience we can relate to but is not our own. Ironically, we must learn to see the destruction of the planet or the abuse of groups of people as a detriment to ourselves not through taking on the pain or guilt, but acknowledging, seeing, and then taking the responsibility to be in a healthy relationship.

For more on the energetic edge, knowing your particular energetic coping mechanism, and how to be in a proper relationship with your environment and others, take my DIY course called Energy Insights.

For more on practices that help Empaths, see my YouTube video The True Meaning of Embodiment


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