Achieving Coherence Through Sound Healing

Feb 01, 2024

There are fundamental principles that create the foundation of a strong sound healing practice.

Sound is physical waves created in varied frequencies and light is a faster version of that.

“Resonance, which comes from the Latin word, resonantia, meaning “echo,” is an important concept in physics and music theory. Resonance occurs when one object vibrates at the same natural frequency as a second object, thus forcing the second object to begin to vibrate." Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, author of Sound Medicine

Resonance is also the key to our understanding and participation with the seen and unseen world.

Entrainment has come to describe a general shared tendency between physical and biological systems to coordinate their rhythms.

Coherence means systematic consistency.

“When our hearts beat in a coherent rhythm, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are synchronized.” Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, author of Sound Medicine

As a sound practitioner, I am encouraging the body to entrain with Holy Frequencies of a Divine Resonant Field. I am also determining where the client's field is actually resonating and working with binaural beats to achieve coherence with that higher field.

I see sound in color, fractals and moving geometry. My hearing has become an experience in delineating bouncing overtones, and the subsequent created coherent waves that ripple over one another like the flower of life once they entrain with the frequencies I am sounding. This is a learnable skill.

I am reaching for a coherent field of resonance through entrainment between my bowls and the client.

In all of this, I have become aware of certain creative forces (intentions, awareness) and fundamental frequencies (consonant harmony) that when synchronized together create openings and greater possibilities. Also, when generated frequencies match the frequency of a space or a person, something phenomenal can occur.

The bowls will always tell me the predominant frequencies in a person’s biofield with which I am to work. It’s like a wave landscape. Their resonance is clear and strong and so I know which bowls to initially use in the healing session. Sometimes I can perceive this in a warm up before the client even arrives.

Matching their frequency is the gateway to finding coherence.

I believe working with sound and energy is on the forefront of advanced medicine as well as light therapy, hyper communication amongst cells, and the activation of “junk DNA.” If we see sound as part of the spectrum of light, invisible undulating frequency waves able to penetrate our bodies, then our study of sound as a healing modality is quite relevant.

As I have stated in many of my articles, just playing sound in someone’s midst does not necessarily heal their system. It is directing that sound, reading energy, finding blocks, and holding an intentional healing space within the sound production that creates the alchemical shift. It is recognizing coherence through sound waves, overtones, and harmony.

Our awareness of energy is also essential to this skill.

Becoming familiar with the human energetic steering system now known as the biofield allows one to assist more efficiently. It is born out of practices with one’s own energy field as well as decodifying what one is perceiving from the emission of other people’s energy field. Working with awareness, attention, boundary, resonance, and sensation becomes the foundational means by which our perception of energy is augmented.

To assist in the unification of sound frequency with the light body, or biophotonic aura, means attenuating chaotic light and entraining it to organized frequency within all fields.

This means reading the energetics of the sound and the human biophonic light field and bringing it to coherence. It may be easiest to see the disturbed parts at first. It takes lots of practice and observation to feel that coherence has been established.

This is what I am doing for my own healing as well.

Sound waves can indicate disturbance in the field if used as an assessment tool. One must learn the code and let the bowls speak for the energy waves, just like a pendulum might. They can sound the wavelength of the chakra system. They can assess the vibrancy of etheric and higher being bodies.

They can also be used to scan the field of a client to indicate warps in the light field.

It is important to understand how we perceive energy and what enhances that perception. My 25 years of practicing meditation has allowed me to enter realms of perception because of a quiet mind and a developed expanded awareness. In addition to the energy field, there is the “hara”.

Paraphrased From Light Emerging, by Barbara Ann Brennon:

“When you learn to regulate your moods and therefore the nature of your energy and your energy flow, you will soon be using your energy for healing. That is what healers do. They learn to perceive and regulate their energy in order to utilize it for healing.

Many people can perceive the human energy field, and everyone can learn how to perceive it. In fact, we already do so, but maybe unconsciously, maybe disregarding it, or maybe calling it something else…

You are sensing the Human Energy field, HEP, with the use of what I call Higher Sense Perception (HSP). HSP simply refers to our senses expanded beyond the normal ranges we are used to, sometimes referred to as the sixth sense. Other terms are clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience…”

These are advanced sound healing strategies that I am teaching in my level three sound certification classes. We begin these practices in level one by listening intently to sound waves created by our instruments as well as people in general.

I have designed several courses to help with that, Energy Insights, Binaural Beats Workshop, and the upcoming level 1 and 2 curriculum. The Binaural Beats Workshop will help with recognizing important tools that break up blocks as well as hearing coherence in a field.

I also offer private sound healing sessions in person and by video conference as a single session or 3 session discounted package.

At Sacred Sound Northwest, we believe that sound, resonance, and frequencies can be harnessed to promote physical, emotional and mental healing as well as access higher spiritual states. Our certification program is designed to instruct others to be skilled and knowledgeable sound practitioners.


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