Harmony of the Spheres

Oct 30, 2018
Harmony of the Spheres


My understanding of the harmony of the spheres has evolved over my lifetime as a professional musician and spiritual seeker. I came to this planet seeking to verify the nature of sound and its holy impetus of creation. The connection of sound and vibration to cosmic concentrations of source is still unfolding in my consciousness through sound healing.

It was not until I had enormous permanent spiritual breakthroughs that I could comprehend the delicate relation between sound and its esotericism. The sound of seed syllables is not a physical one but a spiritual one. It is heard not just by the ears but by the heart. To carry its true value, it must be understood by the Mind and not only the voice.

For mantra and the utterance of the Divine Name to carry its full potential, it must be carried by those who understand their inner meaning.

Anyone can begin the work of experiencing harmonic overtones and the recitation of seed syllables to acquire knowledge and proficiency. The sounds do not act on their own account or possess power on their own just because they exist.

They are the means to concentrate already existing forces.

To understand the use of vowels, overtones and seed syllables is to use them as amplifiers for those forces.

As a child, I would practice overtone singing in any resonant place I could find. The mere fact that my voice could produce more than one sound at a time meant that I could create harmony within myself. In my very innocent way, I was studying the overtone series, shaping my mouth according to the sacred syllables.

Jonathan Goldman explains the technology of intoning the Name as an experience of energetic vibrational re-patterning. He describes the sounding as something that brought energy into his body, and back out again. Each vowel corresponds with a chakra and can be experienced as vibrationally so.

I came to this understanding by happenstance as I refined my overtone singing. I simply wanted to create more strongly audible sounds other than my own voice and so developed the physical associations that came with each vowel sound. As I got older, I would seek out resonance chambers such as churches, train stations, and bathrooms, all to my poor mother’s chagrin in those public places.

My many years in Paris as a professional classical pianist provided some of the most sacred spaces in the world in which to practice overtone singing.

Running parallel to that was my experience in a zen school in the ninth arrondissement where chanting seed syllables was the norm every evening. By the virtue of my own sensitivity and my devotion to the spiritual practice, I became an initiate in sound. The subtle vibrations of the symbols presented to me by the tradition carried the invisible teaching.

The mantric power intensified through my own personal experience of each syllable within my body and my etheric bodies as well.

That experience was then reiterated through the tradition of zikr; chanting known to the Sufis as Remembrance. After 24 years, I continue to utilize zikr at the Awareness School retreats and in my personal practice.

The knowledge of creative sound has come through many spiritual teachings of eastern wisdom. Pythagoras, founder of one of the most influential schools of mysticism, spoke of the “Harmony of the Spheres.” Each celestial body right down to the atom produces a sound due to its movement and these vibrations form universal harmony.

The Christian faith carried on this idea in the gospel of St. John, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…and the Word was made flesh.”

The knowledge of sound as creation has forever been in India as well as various yoga systems, and all the traditions found under the umbrella of Mahayana Buddhism.

Knowing the sound of the atoms is beyond explanation, but can be understood from a certain spiritual station.

Sound waves can be experienced as aggregates of small particles forming geometry and pattern. They can be accessed through developed higher being bodies in ways that our human bodies cannot.

It is not just the sounding of the tones that have the creative and destructive effect on us. It is the human medium that is able to maintain the containment of the force. We cannot confuse the effects of spiritual vibrations with physical sound waves. Just by sounding the sound does not mean that it will have a profound effect. Also it is not the correct pronunciation or execution that will produce the creative force.

The master of sound must hold the spiritual attitude and an open channel because of their own understanding of the laws of cosmic concentrations found in the vibration itself.

For more on Cosmic Concentrations, see my blog entitled Cosmic Concentrations.

My life of meditation and spiritual practice, combined with my professional musicianship, has brought me to the point of understanding what is occurring when the overtoning, the seed syllables are in conjunction with the crystal alchemy bowls. I am blending overtones for a specific purpose.

With each tone, I am able to access all of the chakras through the harmonic overtones I create rolled through quickly or slowly.

In bringing the creative force of sound, I must constantly hold myself subject to the higher forces coming through the sound. I become a vehicle and amplifier for these forces and cosmic concentrations.

There are many who believe the sheer existence of the sound holds the power, but the sound held in conjunction with the energetic and spiritual knowledge allows an aggregate of creative force to enter our midst.

The Harmony of the Spheres connects us to the primordial source. This energetic assimilation is gained through discipline, concentration, and experience.

If you would like to experience this life, I am conducting sound healings in my Seattle studio as well as community sound baths on Friday nights at Seattle Sound Temple. I look forward to meeting you in this capacity.




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