Quantum Healing

Mar 31, 2021
Quantum Healing


What do you know about quantum healing?

Are you someone who trusts only in pharmaceuticals for cures?

Do you ever seek alternative holistic methods of healing?

I imagine my readership sways on the alternative side of that scale, but we can agree there are times when one or the other modality does not give good results.

We have to be on board, amenable to the cure, trusting and believing that it will work.

In France, where I lived for over eight years, I had an MD who was also educated in homeopathy and naturopathy. She would test my “belief” when determining the appropriate protocol. I often found this strange but effective.

Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself.

A good homeopath will interview you to confirm your belief in it, because this is part of it. Those who have little faith in introducing dilutions of the cause of illness into the body will not benefit from a homeopathic cure. And yet, many are quite trusting of a vaccine which introduces the actual virus into the body to create antibodies. The theories are somewhat the same here.

So what is quantum healing?

The term was first coined by Depok Chopra as the title of his book back in 1989. The idea drives physicists crazy because it distorts “the fact that macroscopic objects (such as the human body or individual cells) are much too large to exhibit inherently quantum properties like interference and wave function collapse. Most literature on quantum healing is almost entirely philosophical, omitting any physics.[9] “ Wikipedia

The scientific community deems quantum healing nonsensical, but what is surprising about that?

Many spiritual adepts have had experiences of phenomena outside of time and space that science is only just beginning to fathom. We are in a time where science and spiritual experiences are converging. Consciousness can be in a quantum field of possibility. The ideas of accessing higher dimensions, the existence of parallel universes, and the ability to jump timelines are becoming more widely accepted, but have been understood by mystics who are far along the path.

Mystics of all religions have spoken in cryptic terms about consciousness that takes us outside of the time-space continuum and into the ever dynamic now. Higher dimensions of consciousness require fewer laws that act upon it and so many things become much more possible in those worlds. The mystic teachings point us in the direction of living on this planet in different dimensions of consciousness, thus freeing us from the fetters of our egoistic structure. In that place, access to hyparxis is possible.

I first learned of this term from the writings of J.G Bennett whose writings I have voraciously studied for over twenty years. Hyparxis describes an arena outside of the confines of time and space where Pure Being is accessed. It is a part of All and Everything; the Unity and Diversity of all things. It is not a level above, but a place where all is experienced at once.

I went to google this term and my own article showed up first!!!

“Bennett defined hyparxis as the ableness to be and his notion of the information field can be summed up in terms of energy, matter, form and time. An act requires energy and hyparxis is the place of the undetermined. It is hard for us to imagine things outside of linear time but we can see events as having potentiality.

It takes some kind of act to initiate energy, which then can create something. There has to be a “body” or vehicle for that energy and some kind of form, like thought to help drive it. We create our world on every level in this way.”


My understanding is that whatever quantum healing is, it happens in the undetermined place of hyparxis.

Hyparxis serves as a third force, a reconciliation where potentiality can be determined. In the scope of the eternal and the temporal, hyparxis is the go between. 

Somewhere between potentiality and actualization rests this quantum healing field.

Healing, alignment, and regeneration happen in a place of actualization within the field of potentiality and it can determine human health on every level from physical to the spiritual. 

There is a place where our body, mind, and spirit unite in a perfect template of health… an energetic potentiality. Matter realigns with that which exists in the realm of potentiality. We have to be open to that. We have to intend to resonate with that. We must direct our consciousness to the possibility. 

Who knows how miraculous and spontaneous healing happens, but it does happen.

We are finding out more and more about energetic ways to resonate and align with a “perfect” potential body existing in another dimension of reality.  Four years of working with sound has shown me this very thing. Resonant entrainment with various frequencies puts us right again, from fusing bones to reducing anxiety to even eliminating cancer cells. 

Sometimes it does nothing.

This all may seem hard to fathom, but being open to the possibility affects the outcome. I believe intention and amenability are part of the magic. Scepticism affects the potential end point just like in homeopathy, so trust is part of the process. Our ever evolving work with this will reveal so much.

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