Shades of Gradation

Aug 19, 2020
Shades of Gradation


Energy works within us.

In fact, we are nothing but energy, so it stands to reason that as we refine our ability to be present, the gradation of energy working within us changes.

I can be completely in my thoughts and this is a very low gradation of energy. I can be “thinking” of my body and this is still only thought energy. I can be in full-blown reaction and this is thought energy depriving any build-up of cohesion within me. I can notice things happening in my body with thought energy.

My work with being present, in learning to sense my body while feeling my feelings and recognizing thought requires a higher energy and it also produces a higher energy. In fact, I can work with two and make a great deal of progress. Little by little, by synchronizing two of these functions, the third will come online. Since thought energy is highly developed and the most predominant function in most humans, it is prudent that I default to sensation as a presence tool often.

Combining two of these functions, namely thought plus sensation of the body, I begin to know feeling in a new way. It is not the house of reaction and fear because I understand that my thoughts are my thoughts and not my feelings. I can discern that my attachment to a thought is producing something in me that is not feeling but discord, reaction, and discomfort. In this context, my feelings are hijacked for the purpose of my thoughts.  

If I hold my awareness of thought for what it is and hold sensation in my body, then there is space for something I did not feel before. This knowing grows with each experience in which I soon begin to discern three elements quite clearly and absolutely simultaneously. It is the simultaneous aspect that takes me to a new level of consciousness.

When this new level of consciousness appears, I know a new gradation of energy is available to me. I see more and I gain a deeper understanding of myself and others. I see in a way that was not possible before.  That level of incoming impressions then in turn feeds my consciousness.

Years and years of integrating body, feeling, and thought is an environment that creates this new possibility within me. If I am able to sustain this gradation of energy, conscious energy, a new body will form.

That possibility allows me to access a new creativity and a level of participation in life that blossoms before me. I am unfettered by the drama of my identity because my identity is no longer defined by my thoughts or feelings. The new structure can then collect even higher energies. I am aware of energies existing outside of me and I can consciously choose.

The cascade effect of higher energies ripples through every aspect of my life. Not only am I collecting and transforming by living in the present, I find I have a new discriminatory faculty that allows me to choose my destiny.

If I walk through life asleep (and thinking I am awake), I am subject only to a very low gradation, and nothing is possible for me except the fate I was born with. There is no freedom or choice in this kind of life. I realized this only when a new and different energy allowed me to see what was not there before. In fact, it is a higher gradation that stirs us awake!

To learn presence through synthesis of body, feeling and thought energy is one of the most valuable tools I have ever learned in my life. If you are interested in learning this method, take the Practical Awareness Course offered by The Awareness School twice a year.


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