The Divine Feminine Principle

Dec 02, 2021

The Divine Feminine Principle was very much alive at one point in history in cultures that embraced equanimity and reverence to female wisdom, sensuality, and Nature. We as mothers, daughters, sisters, priestesses, spiritual guides and medicine women were the conduit of a Sacred Energy. There were mystery schools where mystic priestesses and healers cultivated a space for this light energy.

The creative force, represented by the female body, has been recognized in many myths as the activating body and alchemical necessity for the masculine force.

We need both forces as a balance within us to form cohesive manifestations on this planet.

A living current is alive in the rhythm of the earth and all its elements, in song and dance, ritual gestures of temple dances, the knowledge of the plants, the strength of giving birth, and spiritual rites imbued with sensual power.

Reviving our Divine Feminine nature requires being grounded and surrendering to this living current, no matter how frightening.

Women have learned to shut off this power within themselves.

We have become numb to it. We will do anything to avoid our own vulnerability, our sensuality, and we now ignore the lessons Nature has to teach us. With that blocked, we lose our spark of creativity and joy, and our deep love of beauty and its transformative alchemy. Self-care and self-acceptance, our collective healing and most of all, our empowerment are put aside. We forget that Earth is our Mother.

We have grown up under the shadow of the patriarchy in which dominion and competition have been the standard. We embraced the Apollonian principles and left the Dionysian elements behind.

Our wild nature was “civilized” and deemed inappropriate.

Women learned to squelch their voices. Through literature, art, and society, we were cut off from our own sacred knowing and thus suppressed the light current within ourselves.

For this, we are all paying the consequences...

The power of Nature became a force to be mastered. Sex was reduced to a mere procreative act instead of a sensual spiritual connection of male and female energies. The male began to feel superior to the female instead of an interconnected spiritual necessity for the balance of our souls and the sanctity of planet Earth. We hoarded resources and embraced the distorted opposite of both the masculine and the feminine.

The ancient lineage of the Mystery Schools was forced underground. We became more and more materialistic and the human species began its long descent into The Age of Delusion.

Women became objects to be possessed and used, and were restricted from using their knowledge. Ancient wisdom that was carried through the ages and passed down from mother to daughter was lost through the distortion of the Patriarchy.

Women learned to mistrust one another and their connection to this living current.

It is time to revive our innate wisdom, unleash the mighty feminine force, and return to the wild!

What will this rebirth of the Divine Feminine look like? It is happening before our eyes and we are active participants as we witness systems falling apart.

We must be reflections for one another. We must compare notes to discover the commonalities of our experience as women. We must enliven something that has been taboo for centuries. We must learn to care for each other, nurture the young to understand this power and we must return to Nature herself for answers.

It is time to support and trust one another so the Divine Feminine power can emerge within all people.

Are you looking for a women’s circle and an ongoing community for support and development of this embodied power?

The Awareness School is actively interviewing for our 2022 Women’s Wisdom Circle: Into The Wild, a five month journey into women’s empowerment. We delve into the divine feminine and masculine and how to embody that. This is a shamanic initiation where we explore the many facets of our true essence through the lens of...

  • Awareness and Meditation
  • Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Activation
  • Shamanic Ritual, Ancestral Clearing and the Medicine Wheel
  • Goddess Invocation
  • Transformational Energy Techniques

We hope you will join us for this most transformative program.

For more information and an interview: Into The Wild 2022


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