The Emotional Body

Feb 27, 2019
The Emotional Body


Dynamic Center by Janet Morgan

The emotional body is something we can study by observing how we live in the world through our feelings. It is an energetic body that steers an important function in us. When this body is not fortified through the proper channels, it wreaks havoc on our system.

There is much to be said about emotions, false emotions, reactivity, and actual feeling. Observing what is deeply enmeshed with thought becomes a means by which we allow our emotional body to resonate at its proper frequency. This body can become an important tool and portal through which our higher centers can be accessed. If it is constantly vibrating at the frequency of reaction, it does nothing but leak the necessary energy we need to stabilize all parts of ourselves in order to ascend into a higher station.

The emotional body influences other parts of us, so if we are not doing the basic work of “disidentifying,” we are constantly having to put out fires that really have nothing to do with our ascension into higher consciousness. We all must do basic work to benefit from the true and noble role of the energetic emotional body.

I have many writings on self-observation and identification. Please read Our Three Centers Revisited and Our Higher and Lower Nature or my YouTube video entitled: More About Self-Observation for more information on this subject. The practice of self-observation can become so strengthened in us that transformation happens quickly. To observe in this way is to dismantle the energy of the entanglement of the emotional body with the mental body. When bodies can do their unique job, we have energetic efficiency functioning to assist our transformation.

If we have developed a very strong pranic tube, the closest energetic aura surrounding our body, through conscious breath and disciplined attention, then it will remain stable in an “emotional storm”. This is the energetic picture of being able to see and dismantle false emotion like anger, depression, anxiety, hatred, shame, guilt, self-importance, and self-loathing for what it is. In other words, a strengthened pranic tube does not entrain to the emotional body in situations where possibly it might have before.

This is being able to “weather the storm” of fear, for example.

If we see the falsehood and hold onto something that has developed in us, then our feeling center serves a different and higher purpose. At this stage, we are dismantling conditioning and interrupting the feedback loop between thought and emotion.

How do we build up this pranic tube?

This is the process of learning to hold our attention as if our life depended on it. Imagine learning to be a samurai warrior. Your attention cannot waiver for a second or you would be killed. The zen master uses the same art of attention to build up this force. It is an example of a fully developed pranic tube that is able to contain a higher gradation of energy. Meditation of a certain intensity will build this container. The ability to maintain expanded awareness out and about in life will do the same thing.

The disappearance of reaction and fear, plus discrimination and the ability to choose in the moment, allows us to experience peace and oneness. This type of consciousness requires us to get the energetic house in order. With everything maintaining its proper function, we enter new dimensions. The emotional body must resonate at its correct frequency in the system of things so as not to disturb the accumulators.

A frenetic emotional body creates a problem for accumulation.

When our emotions, our body, our mental capacity, and our ability to maintain pranic force is stabilized, we have a new definition of energetic homeostasis. Our inner work should be aimed at this launching point. It is a necessary energetic convergence that can result in permanent change. When we have a handle on levels of reaction and fear, then our emotional body can do a different kind of seeing and knowing.

This is our first stage of work that plugs up the leaks and allows us to accumulate the necessary energies. Often our emotional body is so frazzled and reactive that even outside influences get dissipated quickly. We aren’t able to accumulate.

Along with our inner work of being present, there are special conditions that can help us to be more susceptible to higher gradations. Higher energies can be more easily accessed through those who already carry it in excess. Vehicles of sound and light serve as portals to these influential energies. It is helpful to be able to accumulate what is surrounding us in these situations. Even being near them softens us, calms our system, makes us more amenable to finding the right inner environment.

The perfect storm is our intentional work combined with subjecting ourselves to higher influences so we are more amenable to holding onto those energies.

This is why we need to focus on the emotional body. Its proper function will help energetic leaks.

We are desperately seeking concrete methods to achieve this.

Finding ways to be around these influencing energies plus doing our work of observation and intentional inner struggle bring about miraculous events. Work with the pranic tube through conscious breath, meditation, and expanded awareness will push against reaction and fear.

When the convergence is just right, higher centers open because a new body is being established; a new kind of “emotional body” which is not emotional at all, but a mega-accumulator. This is a body that is able to hold conscious energy, thus allowing us to experience higher dimensions of existence. We experience permanent transformation through our efforts at this stage.

We need to find environments that actually immerse us in a higher gradation of energy, and avoid environments that drain us of vital force.

You will know by the way you feel when you come away from these environments.

Often it can be an immersion in nature without electronics for a period of time or a retreat in which more refined energies are concentrated. It can be group or shamanic work. It can be mentoring with someone who knows how to teach the ways of energetic integrity and accumulation.

Sometimes these experiences can break up blocks which make it easier for us to work with emotions and the subconscious that have been blocked away for…lifetimes.

Please let me know how you are working with emotions and reactions to secure a more stable energetic emotional body.

Let me know if you have questions regarding how this emotional body works.

Blessings to you this week.




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