The Evolution of Our Relationship with Higher Energetic Frequencies

Mar 18, 2020
The Evolution of Our Relationship with Higher Energetic Frequencies


In these times, we are being asked, in not so subtle ways, to look at our relationship with higher energetic frequencies. We are being asked to challenge the way we are living. We face the collective shadow en masse in the form of a virus.

It is only in times of great crisis and disaster that we pull together in a way like no other. This collective shock requires us to see a larger picture. It can weave us together, and allow us to relate in deeper ways. It creates possibilities where there were none. We start to concern ourselves with the well-being of others for a start.

 With this virus, we are making hard decisions that do not feel natural regarding our work, our income, and our interactions require concern for the sick, the needy, and the elderly.

However, we are also being asked to isolate on a grand scale. We believe our isolation will keep the vulnerable safe. We believe that isolation is a way to fix this.

This isolation will help us know the importance and necessity of connection and caring not only for each other, but for our relationship to animals and plants and the earth itself. 

In the absence of community, we will see just how integral it is to our health, our well-being…and ironically, our evolution.

We are being asked to sacrifice a life of social connection even in small groups. We are being asked to leave our work. We are being asked for what is seemingly necessary for the collective, but things feel very strange.

Something in me wants to scream from the mountain tops that we should all be getting together, getting the virus and developing strong antibodies. But I think that has been tried in Europe and failed.

That is what is on my heart right now.

I might be judged for saying that.

It reminds me of being judged for having chickenpox parties so my children would get the disease.

For me, this virus demonstrates the shadow on a mass scale. We see others as dangerous, as germs, as bad. We see others as “other” so strongly that we now must self-isolate. My 85-year-old medical doctor Dad thinks it is the strangest thing he has ever seen: Unprecedented mass panic.

At the same time, the situation creates a portal for understanding; an expansion of perspective; and a chance for our evolution.

It has the potential to strengthen the light grid.

There is a schematic at play as far as humans are involved. This has to do with reciprocal maintenance. Each must eat to live and nourish one another, and we too are food for something higher up the chain. For more on this subject, listen to my video on reciprocal maintenance.

There are also forces that feed off of chaos and fear to keep the planet from evolving into what it could be. Our evolution as a species depends on our free will to choose the path of conscience. We are presented with difficult situations in order to see our own shadow.

Right now is the moment of upleveling. Because the situation is a pandemic virus, the entire planet of people is involved. We have the chance to see the collective shadow in full force. It can’t get more obvious than this. We are seeing others as potential danger and contamination due to our own lack of understanding of reciprocal maintenance. We ourselves have created the situation.

Most of us will eventually have the flu…COVID-19. It will be absorbed by us.

On another level, the great shadow of humanity has a chance to be absorbed by us in all its many facets.

This is the time of massive transformation on a scale we have never seen before. It is overwhelming to experience the level of fear and panic unless we are able to hold center outside of this reaction. We are being asked to do this.

The horn is honking loudly, and so we must understand how to proceed.

In contrast to the fear, we have the possibility of connecting through the light grid and come under higher influences. This is the frequency of love that engulfs every living thing on the planet and includes the planet itself. It is the Being element and access to a dimension that many mystics, seekers, light-workers, spiritual masters, and ascended masters have accessed for eons. It is understanding the connection of all things.

Now is the time for us to access this on a mass scale in order to bring about a tipping point.

Our evolution requires us to wake up and remember our connection to this life grid. Our DNA is changing to accommodate this great remembering. The Being world is only the beginning of our transformation as a species.

We must remember ourselves back to this connective grid so that the very reason the virus exists in the first place no longer exists. The degradation of our species will continue to create chaos in order to wake us up.

We can use this time as a quickening. There are many holding together in stillness and trust. We are not afraid and do not give into mass hysteria and fear which feeds the very wrong forces. We are connecting the large-scale light grid through all kinds of means. There are higher frequency energies available to act upon us, but we must make the effort to quell reaction and hold the knowingness of who we are. 

We can use this time to have a slowdown and a mass awakening.

Bless this virus for that very reason.

It is a beacon in the night. It calls us to remember who we are, from whence we came, and how we must function on this planet in order to thrive. We are Beings of Light able to embody the Divine Impulse of Love and we are being called to do so. This entails being able to maintain a certain level of calm and stillness, if you will, that can then reconnect light filaments within us. We create bodies outside of our physical body that can withstand this awesome creative force coming through.

Out of an opposing force comes the way to create a reality that is not what we are living now.

Resist giving into the fear. You have the choice to try or you can fall into the mass mania. This effort can uplevel all of us to a place this planet has been waiting for a very long time.

Here is my meditation for Accessing the Light Grid


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