The Path of the Mystic

Aug 27, 2019
The Path of the Mystic


Throughout my 30 years of spiritual seeking, the ideas and practices of the Fourthway stand out like a beacon in the night. They have rooted me in practical means that built strength of essence and opening of heart. I was shown a system of meditation, given inner exercises to be done out in the world, and participated in retreats that offered something beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It is a teaching outside of time. It is the path of the mystic.

The level of depth that this teaching carried allowed me to experience an inner freedom beyond anything I could have imagined. It was not a fleeting moment of seeing or an ease to my inner conflict, but a system that would unlock the power of self-acceptance within me. That freedom would become permanent, not only because of the teacher I had, but because the teaching itself is aimed at opening higher centers where one is free from a reactional life. 

One can establish a center of Being outside of the body, the emotions, and the thoughts, yet that center encompasses and integrates all three of those “brains”. We must clearly know how we function from an objective standpoint, striving to bring in all three of these elements simultaneously.  Only another part of us can do that and it must be developed. Never is it by means of any one of those aforementioned independent parts.

That is what this Work is all about.

There are systems of meditations that can be used as tools, but no one ever told me what the meditations did. I had to figure that out for myself by doing them. My guide knew where I was and what I needed next, but he never told me exactly what it was all for.  That was my work to find out and understand through my own experience. 

This is the only way I can pass that on to you.

Besides the system of meditations working to create a magnetic center, and working to build a container for higher and more refined energies, there are the ideas with which to work, observe, and understand. I said it was the ultimate path to self-acceptance because to actually see oneself is to accept oneself. How to observe oneself requires certain elements to counteract the problem of thought labeling and analyzing, which gets us nowhere.

Once the system gained traction within me, I learned to work very efficiently and my transformation seemed to hit a tipping point. All I needed was to learn to receive for that gracepoint to arrive. I did my work faithfully and then wrestled with surrender a lot.  It is an active force and a passive force together that brought on the magic. 

I have had many grace points since my work began in the Fourthway and I still do. I will be forever grateful for having this knowledge passed on to me. 

I could never have opened in the way I have without The Work.

Our signature course in The Awareness School, which I founded with my husband over 15 years ago, is about to be in session. It has been taken by many many seekers over the years. This is the chance to learn the foundational practices of self-observation and other key elements that follow from that ability.

It takes effort to observe oneself. There is a practice, a synthesis, and an understanding that must take place. Once this is understood, your work becomes the discovery of what is actually going on inside of you. 

You begin to see your own conditioned nature which keeps you from surrendering to that which is outside of your small Ego nature.

I never delineate what is in the course because most think they already know about these specific categories. Those who are interested will feel it from my words and all the other ways I interface with the world. They may sense an invisible thread that weaves into their heart. They may hear a calling that whispers in their ear. It is subtle and yet it is vibrant beyond measure.


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